I’ve been sleeping a lot

Yep, I over did it last week and have basically spent two days asleep. Which is why I’m awake at one in the morning writing a blog post. I’m hoping getting things written down will allow me to get some sleep tonight.

It’s very easy for me to over do things. Tuesday I went to a sewing club meeting and then shopping; Wednesday was a trip to Lincoln to catch up with some of the MA writers; Thursday pottering about and then Sewing club; Friday was sewing club and visiting Mum; and on Saturday I went to a table top sale to try to sell some of my crafty creations and second hand books. I sold fifteen of the books, got a few people interested in the sewing club and my book launch next month, but that was it. Doesn’t seem like all that much but I’ve been exhausted since Saturday morning. For me, this counts as a busy week.

I’ve barely had the energy to write or read, so no reviews yet. I needed to read something in the bath yesterday so I dug out a copy of Wyrd Sisters, by Terry Pratchett. I’ve read it a few times so I could read and not really have to engage brain. I do need to start getting back on track with the reading and reviewing, because I’ve got some really good books I want to read/review and share with you all.

Physically, I’m fine, apart from a bit of hey-fever, but mentally I’m exhausted. When I have to be reminded and pressured into eating something because I just can’t be bothered/haven’t got the energy to get out of bed, you know it’s bad. I did eventually eat some toast and then started editing Fire Betrayed. I had a shower after that and went back to bed because it had exhausted me. This evening I had a proper hot meal of left-over bolognase and a jacket spud. I am eating, but it takes a lot of effort to do, and even more to make anything fresh.

I’ve given myself a quite a workload to get through this year, because I want to be able to focus on my Dissertation next year. I’m trying to edit Fire Betrayed, write Charley’s War and Bridas’ Justice – two short stories that go with the first two novels (there will be a third story, probably set between books 3 and 4, but I haven’t even started on it yet), and finish the second draft of Fire Storm, which is significantly different from the first draft because I’ve changed the ending and made it more about the campaign. Well, I won’t say any more because SPOILERS. I’m also trying to get organised for my book launch, keep up the marketing for Hidden Fire, and, sort out marketing for the sewing and craft club.

Oh, and I’m trying to find somewhere to live, because I have until 14th July to move out and I have no money to move, nor can I really afford to spend much more on my rent than I already am.

So, yeah, by my standards things are a bit hectic and I haven’t got the energy for much else.

Going to bed now, I might sleep again. I really want to be able to get up tomorrow and get a few things done, other than basic survival.

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