Uni Week 7: Disturbing news

Poetry is over and I had to hand in my assignment. This was daunting, it’s been a long time since I’ve had to do something like that.

The tutor has taken them home today to mark over the weekend. I really hope I’ve got a reasonable mark. Most of my class mates like my poem. Someone called my reflexive piece ‘very intellectual’. I can’t help it. How else was I supposed to say ‘it just happens’ for a 1000 words?

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Local authors give me books

And other things I’ve been up to in the book department.


August is here and with it the sound of screaming kids playing in the streets, barbecues and my long-awaited holiday. This first I’ve ever been on alone, my first abroad and the first time I’ve done all the booking online – just the online check-in to do. I haven’t had a holiday in fifteen years. We’re off to Paris for three nights to celebrate my friend’s birthday. I’m very excited, two weeks from now I’ll be flying (again, first time in twenty-seven years) from Leeds-Bradford to Charles de Gaulle. It’s a big adventure for me.

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Review: ‘Back to Creative Writing School’ by Bridget Whelan


Bridget Whelan is an author and creative writing lecturer. In this book she sets out to provide ’30 practical and witty exercises’ to help readers start writing. She covers a lot of ground – poetry, prose, humour, horror, cliches and description.

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