Dissertation Update: Week ‘I have no idea’!

Morning all. I slept downstairs last night, because the air was too hot in my room. It’s much cooler in the living room. My back aches a bit because the ‘put u up’ bed isn’t the most comfortable, but it makes a change from spending the night sliding down the bed and getting up byContinue reading “Dissertation Update: Week ‘I have no idea’!”

Dissertation Update: Week 10

I am stressed. I think I’ve got the creative part of the dissertation done, but it’s the essay i’m struggling with. I’ve written one, that my supervisor says is ‘good’, but I want excellent. I emailed to ask how I get to excellent from good and he sent me a paragraph of advice, full ofContinue reading “Dissertation Update: Week 10”

Dissertation Update: Week 8

No news this week, I sent a slightly altered version to my supervisor last Friday and haven’t heard back yet. On the creative side, I spent an hour with google maps and satellite images,¬† and now I have a more precise idea of where in the city Lucie is living and have tried to addContinue reading “Dissertation Update: Week 8”

Dissertation Update: Week 7

I’ve had a week off from the dissertation. It was my birthday last Sunday, but I’d had so much on in the preceding days that I mostly ate, napped and read, especially after the anxiety-provoking disaster that was trying to go to Lidl. I’ve had a book shopping spree, and I’m expecting four more books,Continue reading “Dissertation Update: Week 7”

Dissertation Update: Week 6

Some progress has been made since last week. Although I haven’t been writing much. The dissertation supervisor now likes my villain, and the hints of a darker undertone, but is still holding out on Lucie. He said he knows I think I’m writing a stereotype but people won’t realise she’s autistic unless I do. IContinue reading “Dissertation Update: Week 6”

Dissertation Update: Week 4

Yes, I am aware that it’s stupidly early in the morning, I had to get up to come down¬† to the bathroom. And check my bank account. It’s ESA day and I get twitchy if I don’t check the money is in my account as early as I possibly can (after 3 a.m. is aboutContinue reading “Dissertation Update: Week 4”

Dissertation Update: Week 3

On Monday I reached 13,000 words. I sent it to my dissertation supervisor and this morning he replied. As expected, he doesn’t like it. Not enough sub-plot and the main character is two-dimensional and isn’t central enough. There’s too much talking and not enough pace. I’ve got a long list of proofing errors to goContinue reading “Dissertation Update: Week 3”

Uni Update: Week 11

This week we looked at the work of Gertrude Stein, the U.S. born writer who spent most of her life in France and hung around with Picasso. Her work is weird, and not necessarily in a good way. It made not sense but sounded like it should. Much more amusing, and nonsensically sensible was theContinue reading “Uni Update: Week 11”

Uni weeks one and two

Hey, I remembered when I got in from university this evening that I haven’t done my weekly update since I started back at university. I started back last week. It’s a long day, even though I only have one two-hour seminar. Trains and such stretch the day out. I discovered tonight that it only costsContinue reading “Uni weeks one and two”

Uni Update: The last one for this year

That’s it, the term has finished. I should be relieved, it has been tiring and stressful at times, but I’m not. I’m anxious that I won’t see anything of the people I’ve met on the course now that it’s over. I’ve got half an assignment to finish writing and hand in on 26th, when I’llContinue reading “Uni Update: The last one for this year”