University update: Week 7

I haven’t written much of anything about university this year. That’s because, after the first two weeks this term I haven’t been. For various reasons the workshops have been cancelled. Week 3 – tutor sick, no replacement available Week 4 – tutor sick, no replacement available Week 5 – reading week Week 6 – cancelledContinue reading “University update: Week 7”

Uni weeks one and two

Hey, I remembered when I got in from university this evening that I haven’t done my weekly update since I started back at university. I started back last week. It’s a long day, even though I only have one two-hour seminar. Trains and such stretch the day out. I discovered tonight that it only costsContinue reading “Uni weeks one and two”

Uni Update: The end is in sight

For this year at least. I’ve been ill, am still ill, with an awful cold. Today has been the first day since Saturday that I’ve felt like doing anything much beyond napping. I missed university yesterday because I just wasn’t up to it. Next week is our final seminar before the Easter holiday. We haveContinue reading “Uni Update: The end is in sight”

Uni update: Week ?

I haven’t done a uni update for a few weeks, have I? Sorry about that. I changed my medication during reading week and I’m still adjusting. Since then I’ve had two days at university. In week six(?) we started talking about ghost stories; what makes a ghost story, why people read them, etc. and watchedContinue reading “Uni update: Week ?”

Uni: Week 5 – Last week of Life-writing

Yesterday was our last life-writing workshop; I think I’m beginning to get there, and so is everyone else. I’ve made a few changes to my piece and now I’m working through my essay. It’s about half written. It was a quiet day other than that. I drank a couple of cups of chai latte, hadContinue reading “Uni: Week 5 – Last week of Life-writing”

Uni: Week 10 – Poetry results and two more assignments to get through.

Interesting day today; we actually started and finished the morning workshop on time. We had a bit of a mixed session, giving feedback on submitted work, content about writing short stories was delivered and then we had a discussion about the business side of  writing Рagents, editor, that sort of thing.

Uni Week 7: Disturbing news

Poetry is over and I had to hand in my assignment. This was daunting, it’s been a long time since I’ve had to do something like that. The tutor has taken them home today to mark over the weekend. I really hope I’ve got a reasonable mark. Most of my class mates like my poem.Continue reading “Uni Week 7: Disturbing news”

Uni: Week 6 – we had a visitor!

Today started off spectacularly: I managed to catch the slightly earlier college bus and got to Grimsby by nine, took a stroll to the train station and didn’t feel rushed when buying the ticket and getting over to platform three. It was lovely. My plan was to get a table seat and do some writingContinue reading “Uni: Week 6 – we had a visitor!”

Uni week 4: Guess who’s sick!

That’s right, it’s me. It’s another cold and the cough has returned. I wasn’t up to going in this morning; my anxiety was playing up as well. I really didn’t want to go to Lincoln for the day but I forced myself to get the bus to Grimsby and then get the train from there.Continue reading “Uni week 4: Guess who’s sick!”