Exoplanets, moon moons and the scientists of Lincolnshire

A few years ago, when I was looking around the University of Lincoln for my MA course, the guide, a 2nd year undergraduate, said he hadn’t known Isaac Newton was from Lincolnshire until he’d come to the University. I think he was from Nottinghamshire. Sir Isaac isn’t our only famous scientist however.

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Uni: Week 13 (I think?)

So today is symposium day. I’m nervous about the standing up and talking to people about my dissertation. I have notes for the ten minute talk but I’m not comfortable with it. I’m just going to look at the back of the room and talk to the wall, I think.

Uni week 9

Last Wednesday was our last day before the Easter break, and to make up for some of the weeks lost because the tutor was ill, we had a extra session in the morning. The morning session cover basic grammar questions and pamphlet production, and flash fiction. The usual afternoon workshop covered ‘found’/re-purposed fiction. Can’t say I was too fussed by either workshop, but I had had an early start and a long wait between. I left at five in the afternoon, because it was a long enough day without staying and having to wait for the 20:02 train back to Grimsby.