Review: ‘Rogue One’

Yes, yes, I succumbed and agreed to go see ‘Rogue One’ with my friend. And it was definitely worth it. We are talking Star Wars, if you hadn’t guessed already.

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Short Review:

Everybody dies!

I loved it. Lots of fighting and explosions. Just like the original Star Wars films, this is an easy way to pass a couple of hours without too much brain function. The links between Rogue One and A New Hope added to the enjoyment of the film for me.

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Review: ‘The Dharma of Star Wars’ by Matthew Bortolin


A couple of months ago I got an email from Wisdom Publications offering to send me a copy of this book. I wasn’t going to say no to a free book, was I?Continue reading “Review: ‘The Dharma of Star Wars’ by Matthew Bortolin”