Tales From Erce -Updates

The first of the three planned Tales From Erce, Bridas’ Justice will be available from next week. With help from my sisters, it is now complete, has been edited and re-read, and is now ready to go to publication. I’m just getting the set up done on CreateSpace. Bridas’ Justice is a short story of approximately 6500 wordsContinue reading “Tales From Erce -Updates”

18th April Prompt: Dull and overcast

Last one for today. The next five prompts are location based, so that should spark something at least on a couple of days. I’ll have to see how it goes. I’m happy this evening. I will have money in the bank tomorrow and my shopping turns up at lunch time. Right now I’m hungry thoughContinue reading “18th April Prompt: Dull and overcast”

17th April Prompt: Warm and Sunny

This one is actually complete, and is another of my little Peninsula War inspired pieces. “Pass the water.” Private Samuel Jones reached back to the man behind him on the wall. “We’re out.” Corporal Jock McIntire tipped the bottle up. A slow dribble slipped out, splashing into the dusty bricks on the top of theContinue reading “17th April Prompt: Warm and Sunny”

16th April Prompt: Early morning mists

I don’t know where this came from, I used to have a bit of an obsession with the Peninsula War, so probably that influenced this story nugget. The men appeared out of the mist, early summer sun colouring it blood red. Like their jackets. The sun glinted on fixed bayonets and shako badges, the coloursContinue reading “16th April Prompt: Early morning mists”

15th April Prompt: Hurricane

There’s a weather theme with the current crop of prompts. I was going to write something else entirely, but then I realised I was thinking of tornadoes not hurricanes and had a rewrite. So this is only a part of a story. I do sketch out at the end where it goes though, I justContinue reading “15th April Prompt: Hurricane”

14th April Prompt: First snows of winter

This one is set in a future of of drought and flash floods, of hot summers and non-existent winter. The first snows of winter arrived in March, several months too late. We’re used to it by now but the old people say it used to happen in October or November. The rivers are already shallowContinue reading “14th April Prompt: First snows of winter”

5th April Prompt: Care Worker

I’ve been working on some of the prompts I missed during the first two weeks. Most of my scribble is rubbish, but I’ve come up with the start of something using the ‘care worker’ prompt. “What do you want? Who are you?” A grey eye watched Brenda from between door and its frame, the goldContinue reading “5th April Prompt: Care Worker”

8th April Prompt – Intelligent

I’m supposed to see what I can write in ten minutes with these prompts, so this one isn’t complete, but is definitely something I’ll go back to later. Intelligent life was first discovered outside Earth by the mining ship Venture, sent to the Oort Cloud with a dozen other ships in search of rare minerals and,Continue reading “8th April Prompt – Intelligent”