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Uni Writers – I’m sharing because they’re good

Part of the MA involves an assignment making and publishing a booklet. The poor souls on the full-time course have been panicking and stressing their way through the last couple of months to produce their assignment booklets, most of which are now for sale, or free to read. Because I like them, I’m sharing links to their work. I will be updating this post as people let me have more information but for now here are the links.

That Skirt’s a Whore, by Helen J. Reynolds (Free Read) YA

Crows on a Wire, by T. F. R. Hancock (Available as an ebook or print book from Lulu) Crime fiction

Red Invasion, by Liam Berry (Workprint edition of a graphic novel, available from Lulu as ebook or print book) Sci-fi

The Other Side of Happily Ever After, by Samantha Yates (ebook)


Short story a day. An explanation.

Writer’s Forum magazine has a page called ‘Idea Store’ every month. The Fiction Square is supposed to be used with a dice to chose characters, characteristics and situations. This month the squares are also numbered 1 – 30 as a daily writing prompt. I’ve done the first two.


The short stories are just first drafts, written quickly with the prompt. I’m going to post the first two after this post. Enjoy.

Uni: Week 10 – Poetry results and two more assignments to get through.

Interesting day today; we actually started and finished the morning workshop on time. We had a bit of a mixed session, giving feedback on submitted work, content about writing short stories was delivered and then we had a discussion about the business side of  writing – agents, editor, that sort of thing.

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Review: Monstrous Little Voices

Monstrous Little Voices

New Tales From Shakespeare’s Fantasy World

by Jonathan Barnes, Emma Newman, Kate Heartfield, Foz Meadows, Adrian Tchaikovsky


Published by: Abaddon

Publication Date: 8th March 2016

ISBN: 9781781083949

Price: Anywhere from £7.00 for paper back

Edition: Paper back

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May Reviews, part one

Hey, I’ve had a not so great few weeks, and have got behind with my reviews (sorry!) but to make up for it, here’s four book reviews.

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Work does have it’s uses after all!

I’ve started work again, but only part time. Still, it’s already biting in to my writing time. I was in the middle of writing a story for my anthology last night, right in the narrative flow, when I realised it was gone eleven and I had to be up for work at six. Most irritating.

At work I tried to find some time to work on another short story for the collection. Luckily, the technical department tend to be very much ‘go with the flow’ and since there wasn’t much QA-ing for me to do I did a bit of admin for the manager instead. Mindless and easy, my mind wondered off to other worlds. Break time came and I started to write. Twenty five minutes concentrated writing and then back to the day job. Then later another twenty minutes scribbling away. It might not be any good but when I’ve finished it and typed it up I’ll play around with it and improve it.

I find work is a good place to let my creative side have free rein on the subconscious level, so that when I do write it’s all there waiting for the short spurts of writing I can manage.

Maybe, if you’re having a bit of writer block, that might be a way to break it. Set aside ten, fifteen minutes to just write anything. Go away for a few hours and then have another short session. The intervening time will allow your brain to mull over ideas started in the first session.

Work, for most of us, is a dull grind done so that we can afford to do the things we want to, so using the time effectively, to allow writing during the work day, is a must.

Going to nap now,