Audiobook Promo and Giveaway: The Deal, by S C Cunningham

Romance, angels, revenge, justice. Sounds fun, huh!? I do have an Audible copy of this book, thanks to the author and Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources, but I’m not in the mood for romance at the moment. Give me a few months and I might be up to reviewing it too.

The Deal

Wouldn’t it be nice to have hot, funny, feisty, rule-breaking angels protecting and fighting your corner? Keeping an eye on those who slip through law enforcement’s fingers? 

Well here you go…the Fallen. You’re welcome!

At the age of four, Amy Fox was taken…. She survived….

A week later, another little girl was taken…. She didn’t.

Angry, Amy made a deal with the heavens.

Decades later her lifeless body was found beneath a London commuter train and she became an angel. But for how long? Lusting after her partner, competing with hell warlords, avenging personal scores, and dishing out tough karma on evil exes, crime gangs, traffickers, drug dealers, rapists, abusers, trophy hunters, trolls, and serial killers, all without her units authorization, will have her thrown below ground. Running with a world network of fallen angels, Amy has never worked so hard in her entire earthly life. She has to wonder if making a deal was a mistake.

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Author Bio –

CUNNINGHAM writes suspense thrillers and paranormal rom crime with a skilled mix of fuelled tension, dark humour and pulsating passion. Having worked in the industries she writes about, her novels offer a fresh level of sincerity and authority, rare in fiction.

An ex-model, British born of Irish roots, she married a rock musician and worked in music, film, sports and crime (CID, Wanted/Absconder Unit, Major Crime Team, Intelligence Analyst, Crime Investigations).  She is owned by daughter (artist Scarlett Raven), three dogs and two cats.

And GlamMa to a brand new grandson who has stolen her heart.

SUPPORTS CAUSES Veterans. Mental Heath. Animals, Environment & Child Protection.


‘The Deal’, ‘Karma’, ‘The Calling’ (tbc)

 ‘Blissfully raw and absolutely perfect. 5 stars for days.’

‘Completely different from anything I have ever read.” outstanding book.’
‘It got me! Couldn’t put it down and didn’t want it to end!’
 ‘Plots intertwine twist and turn, it’s addictive.’

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Narrator Bio

Feisty Canadian Susan Knight has a confident, warm, strong, captivating voice. With 25yrs experience as a radio presenter, she is the voice of audiobooks, commercials, e-learning and training videos. She road cycles, power lifts, wake surfs and is a motivational speaker for children, adults.

After the success of ‘The Deal’, Susan is also recording book II of The Fallen Angel Series, ‘Karma’.

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Review: ‘Dance Like You Mean It’, by Jeanne Skartsiaris

Published By: Black Opal Books

Publication Date: 11th February 2017

I.S.B.N.: 9781626945746

Format: Paperback

Price: £13.99


What if you wrote a steamy, erotic novel that was so hot bookstores couldn’t keep it on their shelves? What if you couldn’t tell anyone you wrote it?

With a mundane life as a nurse, a husband who is grazing other fields, and a daughter of an impressionable age, Cassie checks her horoscope one morning just for kicks and notices an article about romance novels and how profitable publishing could be if one could spin a good tale.

She pens Wild Rose under a pseudonym and it flies to the top of the charts, is the talk of the town, and people are clamoring to know who the author is. What would her children think if they knew? Or her own mother, who ‘taught her better’, and, worse, her husband who’d thought she’d turned back into a virgin since they’d not had sex in so long. How could she be thrown into the spotlight and still be a good mom?

Wild Rose, Cassie’s caldron of prose, is woven through this story. Set it the 70s, it is the story of Rosemary, a beautiful photographer who wants to be recognized for her body of work, not her haunting beauty. Although, a modern women, she is as adventurous sexually as she is with her camera and beds men like candy…until she falls in love.

Both novels parallel each other as Cassie realizes Rosemary is not so different from her

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Review: ‘Sun, Sea and Sex’, by Greta Horwood

Sun Sea Sex Cover

Published By: AuthorHouseUK

Publication Date: 3rd August 2017

Format: Paperback

I.S.B.N.:  9781546280262

Price: £9.95


Escaping to live on a Caribbean island, Zeeta and her two best friends reflect on their turbulent lives, loves and the decisions that shaped them.


Growing up Zeeta always strove to be the perfect daughter and be everything her parents hoped. Unfortunately, she soon realised that she’d never be good enough, it’s her brother who holds their love. Thankfully, she can always turn to her lifelong friend Sheila —a boy-mad teenager whose love of the opposite sex will follow her into adulthood with a rollercoaster of consequences. Determined to make something of her life Zeeta continues to be a model student and earns a place at cookery college where good qualifications should pave the way to a career and security. But getting the job she wanted proved impossible. However, a chance meeting on her train to work with Peggy —a vibrant and successful career woman— who offers Zeeta an exciting new job in London changes the course of her life forever.


Happily enjoying her new independence, and friendship with Peggy, Zeeta finally feels like life and luck is on her side. And so whilst at a work conference when she unexpectedly meets her childhood friend Martin Zeeta wastes no time throwing herself into a whirlwind romance. And when Martin proposes marriage she doesn’t hesitate but love never did run smoothly and all too soon Zeeta’s bliss leads to disaster and heartbreak. Reeling from events, on the rebound and emotionally unready, Zeeta quickly falls into a second marriage. But her second husband has a dark side one with a depraved sexual appetite. Trapped and afraid it is only with the help and support of her two best friends, Sheila and Peggy, that Zeeta will find the strength to finally emerge free and independent.


A story of life, love and friendship, Sun, Sea and Sex by Greta Horwood is the perfect next read for fans of commercial women’s and romantic fiction .


Purchase from Amazon UK


About the author: Retired and living in Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire Greta Horwood is the pen name for Patricia Rudkin. An active member of her community, Patricia has worked as the secretary for the Village Hall management committee, arranged village fetes and fundraising events and worked as the caretaker for Great Horwood Village School. Along with her late husband, she also used to run a youth club called Great Horwood Sports and Activities Club. And up until last January she was a weekly contributor to the Buckingham and Winslow Advertiser and Great Horwood Village News. Patricia is also Membership Secretary and Welfare Officer for the Blue-Pointed Siamese Cat Club Committee and life member of the Seal Pointed Siamese Cat Club. She fund raises for cat welfare, via eBay for both clubs. Her other interests include Genealogy.

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3rd April prompt – Elderly geologist

BBeing a former Natural Sciences student (way back in the early years of this century) I’ve met a few elderly geologists. They’re usually the ones teaching the first years.

Sandstone Cliffs at Brandy Head (C) Sheila Russell :: Geograph Britain ...

“A good example of sandstone layering can be seen above us.”

Doctor Albert Grenville pointed to the cliffs behind him. His class of first year Earth Sciences students nodded along as they huddled around him in the chilly April sunlight. The wind had dropped and a few brave souls had taken out pens and notebooks in an attempt to get some notes down.

“Today I want you to walk the beach, observing the cliff closely. Your assignment depends on you being able to remember a few things about it. I recommend taking photographs and sketching. Remember, I want an A3 poster describing the past environments embodied in this stretch of cliff. Point out the swales, and the ripples, the mud stone layers and what they tell us about the changing environment. Really get to know this cliff. Forty percent of you module mark depends on it.”
Doctor Grenville laughed, his students joining in nervously. It was their first field trip and they were unsure.

“Right, get on with it. I’ll leave you to your own devices, but be back at the coach at four this afternoon, and keep am eye on the tide.”

The students nodded and muttered. It would have to do, Albert shrugged, students seemed to get less articulate every year. He watched them disperse along the beach, a few had already given up on their notebooks and had take out cameras and phones to record their work. Really, things had changed so much since they had first come here, fifty years ago.

Albert, young and freshly appointed PhD student in the new geology labs at his university, was on holiday with his fiance and her mother. The summer air was filled with the ozone smell of the sea and the fried fish he and Melissa carried along the beach, looking for somewhere private to eat their supper.

The young couple are arm in arm as they stroll along the pebble beach, joyfully empty of shouting children and overbearing mothers. 

“Look, there’s a cave. We should explore.” Melissa pointed to a shadow in the cliff base twenty yards away. Her blond hair escaped from her scarf, a few curls around her forehead.

“Food first. I’m ravenous.”

“Me too, absolutely famished.”

“How many more houses is your mother going to make us look ’round?”

“I’ve no idea darling, She was quite taken with the two we saw this morning.”

They scrambled into the dip in the cliff base, barely two yards deep. They found two rounded boulders sat in the middle of a sandy floor, the tide line a clear break just inside the cave. Melissa sat, crossing her ankles, and opened the newspaper wrapped packet of fish and chips.

Chewing on a chip, Albert’s professional curiosity got the better of him. He rubbed the walls, feeling the sand slough off on his fingers. Coarse, probably from a beach, mid Jurassic. but he could be wrong. The cave was cool the evening breeze and shade taking the edge off the August heat. Albert leaned against the side wall of the cave, barely an inch behind his boulder, to cool his skin further. A day driving in the sun had reddened his fair, freckled skin painfully.


“Sir, Dr Grenville!”

“What?” Albert jumped, sea water soaked through his shoes, “Oh Emma, it’s you.”

His PhD student, helping wrangle students on the field trip for extra pay, stood next to Albert. He looked around, closer to the shore students watched the pair, phones out.

“You’re going to get stranded if you don’t watch out sir.”

“Oh yes, the tide is in already. Thank you Emma. Let’s get back to the getty, shall we?”

“Definitely Dr. Grenville.”

They turned, Emma leading the way, taking a route that lead through the shallowest areas.

“Well, that’s another pair of boots ruined. Melissa won’t be happy.” Albert checked himself as he remembered.

“Yes, that’s why brought my water shoes with me. I remember my trip here as a first year.” Emma distracted him by lifting a foot out of the water high enough for Albert to see the moulded neoprene shoe with individual toes.

“I might have to get some, for next year.”

They walked a few yards further. Emma was troubled. Grenv was getting on a bit but he wasn’t absentminded enough to walk along the spit when the tide was coming in; he’d repeatedly reminded them before they got off the coach to stay close to the cliff and watch the tide.

“Sir, if you don’t mind me asking, why were you so far out?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Nostalgia I suppose.”

“I’m sorry sir, I don’t understand.”

“The first time I came here was with Melissa, the summer before we married.”

“I see.” Emma’s eyebrows shot up.

Albert laughed at her reaction, “Young people are supposed to be open minded Emma.”

Emma laughed, embarrassed.

“But it wasn’t a dirty weekend. We were here for a fortnight with Melissa’s mother, looking for houses.”

“For you and Mrs Grenville?”

“No, unfortunately not; I couldn’t afford to buy a house then. No, my mother-in-law wanted to move to the seaside, for her health. Melissa enlisted my help as driver for the holiday.”

“And the beach?”

“Our refuge from Dorothy. She was set in her ways, had very strict ideas about how an engaged couple should act.”

“I see. So, good memories? Watch out sir, there’s a deep hole right in front of you.” Emma grasped Albert’s arm and led him around the pit.

The tide had turned while Albert and Melissa ate their supper, the first chance they’d had to be alone all day almost over. The sea lapped up the beach getting dangerously close to the mouth of their cave.

“We’d better be going, the tide will cut us off.” Melissa interrupted Albert’s exploration of the cave. 

“Just a second.” He pulled out his camera, winding the film on to the next negative, and took a photograph of Melissa on her boulder, laughing at him.

“Perfect. My siren.” He kissed her and offered her his hand to stand.

“I’m not going to lure you to your doom though.”

“I don’t know; there are times when I’d rather face the Gorgon than your mother.”

“If we don’t hurry back you’ll wish you were facing Medusa. And you’ve got your myths mixed up.”

“Same difference. They’re both Greek.”

Melissa shook her head, smiling. “Well, this siren wants to go back to the hotel and have a bath. Come along, before we’re trapped here.”

The pair left the cave, balling up their chip papers for the return walk along the pebble beach to the getty, where the car waited.

“Here we are Dr. Grenville. Back on solid ground, and just in time for lunch. Will you join the rest of us in the cafe?”

“Why not. There used to be a chip shop that did a lovely battered cod and chips along here.”

Albert looked around, the place had changed so much since his first visit with Melissa. The old chapel was an arcade, and the grocers had become an antiques shop. Melissa had loved their trips here and now they’d never visit together again.