Bring on the dodgy gig photographs!

Well, here they are, my photographs from the gig. I really do need a proper camera for these things.

Laura Wilde - terrible photo number 1
Laura Wilde – terrible photo number 1

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Hot night in Rock City

Yes, you are getting a cheesy title for this review; I am, after all, reviewing an incredibly cheesy band.They are fantastic fun though. I’m half deaf and can’t speak either from all the singing I did. Plus I got really close to the front!

Down to the serious stuff though.

Reckless Love

Rock City, Nottingham

Support: Laura Wilde

Jalle Verne and Olli Herman - Bassist and singer - prancing about on stage.
Jalle Verne and Olli Herman – bassist and singer – prancing about on stage.

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Review:’Spirit’ – the new album from Reckless Love

I reviewed this album (badly) last Monday, the UK release day. Now that I’m feeling marginally better (I haven’t died from this cold yet) and have had a chance to listen to the album a few (dozen) times, I feel more capable of reviewing it properly and fairly.
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Something light hearted before I start posting book reviews

Reckless Love (hyperactive glam rock band from Finland – very 80’s!) release their new album ‘Spirit’ a week today. Today they released the video for one of the songs on that album. The song is called ‘So happy I could die’, and it really is a cheerful tune.

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Review: Reckless Love ‘Night on Fire’

I was just checking my Facebook page and the guitarist for Reckless Love posted the video for their new single ‘Night on Fire’ on his page, which of course came up on my timeline. I have a soft spot for this group of Finns; they’re cheerful, I can’t help but sing along to ‘Coconuts’ and ‘Born to rock’. They write catchy, happy metal – they’re Merry Metalheads and I like their first two albums very much. Since that’s the case I thought I’d watch the video.

This is another catchy song that reminds me a lot of their second album, ‘Animal Attraction’ sonically if not lyrically. I like the video too, even better on the second viewing.

I really am going to get on with listening to those new albums now, promise.