Shared from WordPress – Garlic Bread of the Revolution

Garlic Bread of the Revolution –

I’ve made bread today because of this post from Gods&Radicals; as ever it’s made from whatever I had in the cupboard. This one has dried rosemary in it, a bit of rapeseed oil, honey, salt, dried yeast, flour and water. Not much in the way of measures since I do everything by eye and touch – I know when the dough is right.
The bread is rising at the minute, and the butter for the garlic butter is softening on the side. I will be making garlic bread later 🙂

Going out to tidy the back garden now and consider what I need to do to get it productive this year.

My brain is a bit wobbly today so I think being outside will be good for me but I’m not up to walking the dogs. They’re fine with that, they’re sunbathing in my bedroom 🙂

Edit: the bread is almost cooked and looks lovely. The garlic and herb butter is made. The loaf is so big I’ll have to cut a piece off to make the garlic bread with.

Further edit: I have garlic bread, it is amazing. Bow before my culinary skills.

Actually, don’t bow down to me, or anybody else. It’s bad for your back.