Review: Nothin’ But A Good Time, by Justin Quirk

3 September 2020
£10.99 / $14.99 / €11.66

From 1983 until 1991, Glam Metal was the sound of American culture. Big hair, massive amplifiers, drugs, alcohol, piles of money and life-threatening
pyrotechnics. This was the world stalked by Bon Jovi, Kiss, W.A.S.P., Skid Row, Dokken, Motley Crue, Cinderella, Ratt and many more. Armed with hairspray, spandex and strangely shaped guitars, they marked the last great era of supersize bands.
Where did Glam Metal come from? How did it spread? What killed it off? And why does nobody admit to having been a Glam Metaller anymore?

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Review: The Sentient, by Nadia Afifi

Amira Valdez is a brilliant neuroscientist trying to put her past on a religious compound behind her. But when she’s assigned to a controversial cloning project, her dreams of working in space are placed in jeopardy. Using her talents as a reader of memories, Amira uncovers a conspiracy to stop the creation of the first human clone – at all costs. As she unravels the mystery, Amira navigates a dangerous world populated by anti-cloning militants, scientists with hidden agendas, and a mysterious New Age movement. In the process, Amira uncovers an even darker secret, one that forces her to confront her own past.

Fiction: FICTION / Science Fiction /
Genetic Engineering
Product format: Hardback
Price: £20.00; $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-78758-434-1


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Review: Fearless, by Allen Stroud

Fiction: FICTION / Science Fiction /
Product format: Hardback
Price: £20.00; $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-78758-542-3

AD 2118. Humanity has colonised the Moon, Mars, Ceres and Europa.
Captain Ellisa Shann commands Khidr, a search and rescue ship with a crew of twenty-five, tasked to assist the vast commercial freighters that supply the different solar system colonies.
Shann has no legs and has taken to life in zero-g partly as a result. She is a
talented tactician who has a tendency to take too much on her own shoulders. Now, while on a regular six-month patrol through the solar
system, Khidr picks up a distress call from the freighter Hercules…

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Review: The CWA Vintage Crime Anthology, Edited by Martin Edwards

Publication date: Aug 2020

Fiction: FICTION / Thrillers / Crime
Product format: Paperback
Price: £9.95; $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-78758-547-8

Series: Fiction Without Frontiers
Distribution: Marston Book Services

Available in HARDBACK, PAPERBACK and
EBOOK editions

Vintage Crimes will be a CWA anthology with a difference, celebrating
members’ work over the years. The book will gather stories from the mid-
1950s until the twenty-first century by great names of the past, great names of the present together with a few hidden treasures by less familiar writers. The first CWA anthology, Butcher’s Dozen, appeared in 1956, and was co-edited by Julian Symons, Michael Gilbert, and Josephine Bell. The anthology has been edited by Martin Edwards since 1996, and has yielded many award winning and nominated stories in the UK and overseas.
This new edition includes an array of incredible and award-winning authors:
Robert Barnard, Simon Brett, Liza Cody, Mat Coward, John Dickson
Carr, Marjorie Eccles, Martin Edwards, Kate Ellis, Anthea Fraser,
Celia Fremlin, Frances Fyfield, Michael Gilbert, Paula Go sling,
Lesley Grant- Adamson, HRF Keating, Bill Knox, Peter Lovesey, Mick
Herron, Michael Z. Lewin, Susan Mo o dy, Julian Symons and Andrew

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Review: The Twins of Auschwitz, by Eva Mozes Kor, with Lisa Rojany Bucciere

In the summer of 1944, Eva Mozes Kor and her family arrived at Auschwitz.
Within thirty minutes, they were separated. Her parents and two older sisters were taken to the gas chambers, while Eva and her twin, Miriam, were herded into the care of the man who became known as the Angel of Death: Dr. Josef Mengele. They were 10 years old.

While twins at Auschwitz were granted the ‘privileges’ of keeping their own clothes and hair, they were also subjected to Mengele’s sadistic medical experiments. They were forced to fight daily for their own survival, and many died as a result of the experiments, or from the disease and hunger rife in the concentration camp.

Publishing for the first time in the UK in the year that marks the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation, The Twins of Auschwitz shares the inspirational story of a child’s endurance and survival in the face of truly extraordinary evil.

Also included is an epilogue on Eva’s incredible recovery and her remarkable decision to publicly forgive the Nazis. Through her museum and her lectures, she dedicated her life to giving testimony on the Holocaust, providing a message of hope for people who have suffered, and worked toward goals of forgiveness, peace, and the elimination of hatred and prejudice in the world.

06/08/2020 | Paperback | £7.99

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