Bonus Review #3: ‘Beardies’ World’, by Joyce Ives

Published By: Clink Street Publishing
Publication Date: 18th September 2018
I.S.B.N.: 9781912562275
Format: Paperback
Price: £12.99
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This book is Joyce Ives’ narrative to the twenty-six years she and husband John owned, cared for and loved their four Bearded Collies.

The memories shared by Joyce in this book are likely to touch the heart of anyone who has had any experience of growing up and growing old with dogs. 

In her narrative Joyce has been able to capture beautifully how our special bond with our canine friends often becomes so significant in our life’s journey; our experiences of joy and laughter and at times our sadness and loss.

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Blog Tour Calendar: Dog Care at Home, by Gina Harding

PawLife Guide Dog Care at Home Full Tour Banner

Of course I’m taking part in this one! Doggies! Have you met my spoilt little Hell Hounds? Snoring away at the moment, post breakfast. There is also a giveaway with this blog tour, so for those of you with or considering getting a canine companion it might be worth a gander.

Novel updates, leaking roofs and doggie birthdays

Nothing much, I’ve finished another edit of Fire Betrayed and sent it for reading by my beta readers. It’s getting there slowly, but I want to polish it some more. I expect to be sworn at again.

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My companions, otherwise known as the Hell Hounds

Are complete and utter cowards. It rained earlier and the sound of rain on the windows had them in fits of terror normally reservered for Bonfire Night.
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