Rosie Reviews the ‘Theakston’s Old Peculiar Crime Novel of the Year 2019’ Shortlist books

Hola, peeps, dear readers, etc. I’m awa’ on my big adventures – heading to Harrogate (pronounced ‘Arragut, except for by posh people who pronounce it ‘harrow gayte’) for a long weekend of crime writing delights. The fun starts this evening at the Crime Novel of the Year Awards and in preparation (otherwise known as ‘so I don’t look like an illiterate twerp’) I have been reading the books on the shortlist. I couldn’t decide which order to read them in so I went for alphabetical by author’s surname.

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Extract Post: ‘Retriever Of Souls’, by Lorraine Mace

Retriever of Souls

Brought up believing that sex is the devil’s work, a killer only finds release once he has saved his victim’s souls. Abiding by his vision, he marks them as his. A gift to guide his chosen ones on the rightful path to redemption.

Detective Inspector Paolo Sterling is out to stop him, but Paolo has problems of his own. Hunting down the killer as the death toll rises, the lines soon blur between Paolo’s personal and professional lives.

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Review: ‘Murder In The Caribbean’, by Robert Thorogood

Published By: HQ
Publication Date: 27th December 2018
I.S.B.N.: 9780008238193
Format: paperback
Price: £7.99
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Review: ‘Redneck’s Revenge’, by Joan Livingston

Rednecks Revenge hi res

Published By: CreateSpace

Publication Date: 31st July 2018

I.S.B.N.: 978-1724560483

Format: Kindle and Paperback

Price: £1.99 (Kindle), £6.99 (Paperback)









Her next case. She’s in it for good.

Isabel Long is in a funk months after solving her first case. Her relationship with the Rooster Bar’s owner is over. Then the cops say she must work for a licensed P.I. before working solo.

Encouraged by her ‘Watson’ — her 92-year-old mother  — Isabel snaps out of it by hooking up with a P.I. and finding a new case.

The official ruling is Chet Waters, an ornery so-and-so, was passed out when his house caught fire. His daughter, who inherited the junkyard, believes he was murdered. Topping the list of suspects are dangerous drug-dealing brothers, a rival junkyard owner, and an ex-husband.

Could the man’s death simply be a case of redneck’s revenge? Isabel is about to find out.

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Blog Tour: ‘When The Waters Recede’

When The Waters Recede Full Banner-new

This month’s first blog tour – there will be three in June. This week we have a crime novel set in the North-West, and there’s a chance to win all six of the author’s books. Just scroll down for details.

When the Waters Recede

When a car is pulled from raging floodwaters with a dead man in the front and the decapitated body of an evil woman in the boot, Cumbria’s Major Crimes Team are handed the investigation.

The woman is soon recognised, but the man cannot be identified and this leads the team and their former leader, Harry Evans, into areas none of them want to visit.

Before they know it, they’re dealing with protection scams and looking for answers to questions they didn’t know needed to be asked.


Purchase Link –

Graham Smith Author PicAbout Graham Smith

Graham Smith is a time served joiner who has built bridges, houses, dug drains and slated roofs to make ends meet. Since Christmas 2000, he has been manager of a busy hotel and wedding venue near Gretna Green, Scotland.

He is an internationally best-selling Kindle author and has four books featuring DI Harry Evans and the Cumbrian Major Crimes Team, and three novels, featuring Utah doorman, Jake Boulder.

An avid fan of crime fiction since being given one of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books at the age of eight, he has also been a regular reviewer and interviewer for the well-respected website since 2009

Graham is the founder of Crime and Publishment, a weekend of crime-writing classes which includes the chance for attendees to pitch their novels to agents and publishers. Since the first weekend in 2013, eight attendees have gone on to sign publishing contracts.

Graham can be found at





To celebrate the release of When the Waters Recede, Graham Smith is offering one lucky reader the chance to win all six books in the Harry Evans series.

When Waters Recede - 6 Book Giveaway

To enter, simply sign up for his newsletter via the link provided before the 5th of June 2018 and you’ll be entered into not just this competition, but all competitions that he runs. Entrants from the whole world are welcome.

Bonus Review #3: ‘The Darkness’, by Ragnar Jonasson

Published by: Penguin UK

Publication Date: 15th March 2018

I.S.B.N.: 9780718187248

Price: £12.99







Before Detective Inspector Hulda Hermannsdóttir of the Reykjavik Police is forced into early retirement she is told to investigate a cold case of her choice, and she knows just the one. A young woman found dead on remote seaweed-covered rocks. A woman who was looking for asylum and found only a watery grave. Her death is ruled a suicide after a cursory investigation. But Hulda soon realizes that there was something far darker to this case.

This was not the only young woman to disappear around that time. And no one is telling the whole story. When her own force tries to put the brakes on the investigation Hulda has just days to discover the truth. Even if it means risking her own life . . . Spanning the icy streets of Reykjavik, the Icelandic highlands and cold, isolated fjords, The Darkness is an atmospheric thriller from one of the most exciting names in Nordic Noir.

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Changes to this month’s reviews

I had booked in John A. Heldt‘s Mercer Street in for Friday and M.N.Mekaelian‘s Choose to Rise: The Victory Within next week, but  Mercer Street doesn’t really fit into my interests at the minute. I don’t want to read a book and give it a bad review because I’m not in the mood, so I’ve shelved it. I was expecting to receive Choose to Rise: The Victory Within in early September but it hasn’t arrived yet. I’ve been in touch with the author and he’s going to resend, probably as an ebook this time. When the book arrives I will schedule it, probably for next year now.

Instead of those two books, on Saturday I’ll be reviewing C J Skuse‘s new book, Sweet Pea, which will be published by HQ on the 2nd November, and next week, on the 26th, I’ll be reviewing Lady First by Lea O’Harra (the pen name of Wendy Jones Nakanishi). It’s the third book in the ‘Inspector Inoue Mystery Series’. I’ve started it already, because I’ve nearly finished Sweet Pea.

Review: ‘Marked To Die’, by Sarah Hawkswood.

Cover of Marked to DiePublished By: Allison& Busby Ltd.

Publication Date: 24th August 2017

I.S.B.N.: 9780749022402

Format: Hardback

Price: £19.99

Third in the Bradecote and Catchpoll Mystery series


October 1143. A mysterious archer who kills cleanly and ‘dissolves’ into the forest, a missing train of pack mules on the salt road from Wich, and a lord in the wrong place at the wrong time, mean a crime the lord Sheriff of Worcestershire cannot ignore.

Bradecote, Catchpoll, and the eager Walkelin, are hunting a killer and a gang, and whoever is giving them orders. They are not helped by a reeve keen to keep his position, a lord with his own ends to serve, and a distrusting and vengeful widow with a haunted past, to whom Bradecote is increasingly attracted.

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