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Author Spotlight: Monika Jephcott-Thomas

Today’s author is Monika Jephcott-Thomas, whose book The Watcher I reviewed earlier. She’s going to tell us something about herself and her book. Enjoy.

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Hidden Fire 99p and an Author Spotlight


Timothy Bateson is a sci-fi and fantasy author originally from the UK but now transplanted to the US. He’s hosting an ‘Author Spotlight’ post about me today. To coincide with this event I’ve put Hidden Fire on sale for 99p for the Kindle book. If you haven’t read it already take a peek today while it’s half price.

Author Spotlight: Anne Boileau

After the review, I think it’s time to introduce the author. Today’s author is part of the Clink Street Summer Blogival 2017. Anne Boileau has kindly provided me with some information about herself and her book.

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