Finally submitted my final assessment

For the Writer’s Bureau Comprehensive Creative Writing course that I started in January 2015. It’s been a very useful course although I haven’t made my course fees back. I haven’t really been trying to though because of everything else going on. It’s been a difficult almost four years.

For my final assessment, I’ve submitted the first 2800 words of a sci-fi short story. The final work will probably be quite a bit longer than the target market’s limit, but it could easily be broken into a serial. I’m still writing the first draft, but I’ve already made changes between the hand-written and typed versions.

Now, I’m tired and my hands hurt so it’s time to get to sleep.

Uni: Week 8

Finally got back to university today. The workshop today was ‘Revisiting Verse’. The tutor played us a piece of music and we had to write down our impressions, then write a poem. Not my strongest subject, but I gave it a bash. I wrote a narrative poem. It was okay, but I didn’t read it out.

I might try the same thing in future, if I get writer’s block.

‘Fire Betrayed’ update

Fire Betrayed is out with my beta readers now. 

I stayed up until gone one this morning because I got on a roll and got the second edit finished, and added a couple of extra scenes that before had only been summarised in the first draft. It was a case of show don’t tell and I thought it added to the novel to write them out rather than summarised.

Initial feedback is ‘good so far’. I’m waiting for more detailed feedback and constructive criticism from my beta readers.

And now I’m going to have all the naps because I am so tired. My dogs don’t like the sound of rain and wind. All night, and today, there has been rain and wind, so I didn’t get much sleep once I’d finished the editing.

Once I’m human again, I’m going to get on with the second draft of Charley’s War.

‘Tales From Erce’ novella updates

As you know, I’m writing a series of novellas to go with the FIRE Series, called ‘Tales from Erce’. The first draft of Bridas’ Justice is complete and I’m on the second draft of Charley’s War. I’ll be sitting down this evening to work on editing Fire Betrayed and hopefully more of the second draft of Charley’s War.

I have started Letters from Umar. Unfortunately, I need to finish writing Fire Storm before I can go much further with Letters from Umar because I need to work out the time line. And where everyone is. I need my maps, charts and timelines for books three and four.