Publication Day Review: ‘The Lost Shrine’, by Nicola Ford

With bonus review: ‘The Hidden Bones’, by Nicola Ford Late last year I bothered Allison & Busby for review copies of some of there books, and I’ve been trying to work out how to fit them into the blog ever since. Well, today is publication day for The Lost Shrine, thus I have decided toContinue reading “Publication Day Review: ‘The Lost Shrine’, by Nicola Ford”

Bonus Review #5: ‘Unmarriageable’, by Soniah Kamal

Blurb It is a truth universally acknowledged that when a family‚Äôs fortune is destroyed by scandal and rumour, they must look to their daughters to marry well. Alys Binat, however, loves life as it is: teaching English literature and encouraging her female students to aspire to more than society expects of them. She is resolute:Continue reading “Bonus Review #5: ‘Unmarriageable’, by Soniah Kamal”