Aaronovitch, Ben Peter Grant Series

Rivers of London (Book 1)

Whispers Under Ground (Book 3)

Broken Homes (Book 4)

Foxglove Summer (Book 5)


Bond, Gwenda  The Woken Gods

Bronte, Charlotte  The Professor

Burnett, Jean  Who needs Mr Darcy


Cameron, J.B. Reading The Dead

Carlon, Lee A God-Blasted Land

Carriger, Gail  Etiquette and Espionage

Curtsies and Conspiracies

Waistcoats and Weaponry


Chambers, Becky The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet

Chittenden, George  The Boy Who Led Them

Cotterill, Rachel  Rebellion

Croxall, Jack  Tethers


Dean, Anna  A Place of Confinement

Diehl, Daniel Revelations: The Merlin Chronicles Book One

Duncan, Dave  Irona700

Duncan, Glen The Last Werewolf


Fforde, Jasper   The Thursday Next Books

The Eyre Affair

The Woman Who Died A Lot

Franklin, Alis  The Liesmith

The Stormbringer


 Gaiman, Neil  The Ocean At The End Of The Lane

Gill, Carol The House on Blackstone Moor

Grant, Mira  NewsFlesh Trilogy




Grossman, Lev The Magician’s Land


Hagdal, Ken  X-Novo

Hamilton, Laurell K  Anita Blake Series

Kiss the Dead


Hannila, Petteri Fargoer

Harris, Charlaine  Sookie Stackhouse Series

Deadlocked (Book 12)

Dead Ever After (Book 13)

Harte, Aiden  The Wave Trilogy

Irenicon (Book 1)

The Warring States (Book 2)

Holloway, Emma Jane   The Baskerville Conspiracy Series

A Study In Silks (Book 1)

A Study In Darkness (Book 2)

A Study In Ashes (Book 3)

Holt, Tom  Alexander At the World‘s End


Karakai, Anthony   The Black Lion

King, Laurie R  The Beekeeper’s Apprentice



Lehtolainen, Leena The Bodyguard, Snow Woman


Maitland, Karen  The Falcons of Fire and Ice

McDermid, Val  The Retribution

Meredith, D.E.  The Devil’s Ribbon

Meylar, Deborah   The Bookstore

Morelli, Laura The Gondola Maker

Mostert, Natasha The Season of the Witch

Munro, W.R.R.Intervention: The Pandora Virus

Musgrave, Jim Steam City Pirates


Nash, Samantha  All Muck and Mullets


Pollock, Tom  The City’s Son

Pratchett, Terry  Raising Steam

With Baxter, Stephen   The Long Earth


Rice, Anne  The Wolf Gift

Prince Lestat


Salt Publishing   Best British Fantasy 2013

Simpson, Donna Lea   Reforming The Rogue

Stockett, Kathryn The Help

Storrs, Graham   Timesplash

Symonds, Tim Sherlock Homes and the Mystery of Einstein’s Daughter


Taylor, Jodi  Just One Damned Thing After Another

Taylor, Kacie The Bride

Tucker, Alan  Knot in Time


Various  Darker Minds


Way, Gerard and Simon, Shaun The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

Weil, Sharon   Donny and Ursula Save The World

Weir, Andy  The Martian



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