The FIRE series 1: HIDDEN FIRE

In my first novel, Hidden Fire,  released as a paperback on 2nd May 2017 and as a Kindle ebook on 17th June 2017, Lizzy has to grow up quickly. She’s wealthy, spoilt and deeply loved by her father, King John VII of Albon, the largest island in the Northern Isles, and hated by her step-mother, Queen Jocinta Tarjani, the granddaughter of the High Lord of Sumoast, the second largest island in the archipelago. Jealous of Lizzy’s influence over the king and their sons, Jocinta tries various ways to get rid of her husband’s daughter. When she’s caught and exiled, Lizzy has to take her place in ceremonial matters and help raise her brothers. She learns that sooner or later, everyone has to grow up. When her friend Gos Val, living in the Imperial capital of Belenos as Assistant Ambassador, goes missing at the hands of Jocinta’s cousin Hakon Tarjani, Lizzy and her companions must make the dangerous journey to the Empire to find and rescue Gos. They must try to stop the war that has already begun.

hidden fire wrap

You can get the ebook here and the paperback here from Amazon, or from here to get it direct from CreateSpace. You pay the same amount but I get slightly more royalties. I think.