TALES FROM ERCE: the novellas

Set round the main series of novels is a set of novellas about other characters and other places in Erce.


After Lizzy and her friends sail home from Belenos at the start of the war with Sumoast, CHARLEY DE NARVEL is left with her grandmother MAJA DE NARVEL and the Albon Ambassador, JEFFREY CONORT to deal with the mess. Life in the Belenosian court is dangerous, as rivalries between the High Clans of Belenos simmer in the summer heat and the young Empress stokes the fires. Helping Crown Prince Cthinn-Erthy with his investigations into the attack on the city villa of the Maja De Narval and a country estate belonging to the Sumoast Embassy, Charley is dragged into court intrigue.

This book ties in with ‘Hidden Fire’. It is being written at the moment. It should be available in mid 2018. Currently stands at 36,000 words, there have been university and ‘Fire Betrayed’ related delays to completing the novella.

February 2018 update: I have had to go back to the beginning with Charley’s War. There will subsequently be a delay in publication.


BRIDAS has the unenviable task of managing the Crowe for the Albon crown. When the new Lady of Crowe comes to visit she has to get her house in order, including dealing with smugglers using her ships to bring in illegal goods. Rounding up the perpetrators, Bridas sends them to sea with her partner CAPTAIN HAMMIN SALASSON. They do not return home.

 This story ties in with ‘Fire Betrayed’ and will be available in mid 2018. I have completed the second draft, and it is out with my beta readers.


Dowager Duchess Catherine Albon has decided. Albon is far too dangerous a place for her 16-year-old daughter Elenor. They take a trip to her home island of Umar. During the holiday, Elenor writes constantly to her betrothed, and cousin, John, the very young Duke of Albon. These are her letters, as she travels for the first time, visits the exotic island of Umar and makes new friends.

I haven’t started it yet. There will be more political intrigue and growing up for the young Elenor Albon. This story ties in with the last two novel in the FIRE series, FIRE AWAKENED and FIRE STORM. Expected release date: Summer 2019