Homework from my therapist

I’m back at Open Minds on Friday morning (provided I can scrounge up the bus fare from somewhere) so I thought I’d better do the homework my therapist gave me at my last appointment.
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Blackwork W.I.P

My four seasons woodland scene is nearly complete. It has been a challenge, but a rewarding one and when I’ve finished it and decided how I shall present it, I’m gifting it to someone as a thank you for all their help in the last six weeks.
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Morning, hope you’re having a good weekend?

I am; I’m having a little holiday – spending the weekend at my sister’s while she’s away visiting her in-laws. Someone needs to look after the animals; the rabbit who has his own room, the hamster named Loki who only surfaces for hamster-chocolate, and the new resident hamster – acrobatic Sophie. There’s a children’s picture book in there somewhere, I’m sure.

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Work in progress: the cushions

Last week I mentioned how a day out kickstarted my creative juices and I planned to make some cushions. The embroidery I was working on for said cushions became a pair of canvases instead.


Here they are on my book shelf. I really need to organise that shelving unit better.

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