Gothic literature and the library


Yesterday I took a trip down to London to go to the British Library. On the 20th the current exhibition, Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination, closes and I’m rather fond of certain aspects of the Gothic so I took a trip (also, I like old books).

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My weekend in London: Part 2

I’m home, exhaustion has won out over excitement, and my blisters have blisters. London is a great place to visit, but I have no idea how anyone could live there. The culture shock when I got back this afternoon was slightly disorientating. It was so quiet!
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My weekend in London, part I

Good evening, how’s your weekend going? Good? Good.

Other than the incredible amount of pain in my left hip and lower back, mine is going great. I’m in London; I got here yesterday afternoon in the rain, navigated the Underground successfully, all on my own and made it to our hostel without getting lost.

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Nottingham Castle Museum and Galleries

I took advantage of this afternoon’s unseasonably warm sunshine to go for a walk in to Nottingham and explore a little bit. I have found the place I’m going for breakfast tomorrow and a shop I want to go in on the way to catch my train. Today however I eventually made my way to the Castle and spent a couple of hours exploring the grounds, museum and galleries. I thought some of the exhibitions were very interesting – ‘Threads’ especially – and clearly curated with children in mind.



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Review: The Strathdon Hotel, Derby Road, Nottingham


I found this hotel on, and for two nights I was pleased with the price. Unusually enough I was able to get a single room. It was an easy hotel to get to from the train station, once I got to Maid Marion Way, and very close to Rock City which was a bonus.

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