Where the hell is the blog post I spent 45 minutes on this morning? I uploaded pictures from last night, commentary and everything. Drat it!


Hot night in Rock City

Yes, you are getting a cheesy title for this review; I am, after all, reviewing an incredibly cheesy band.They are fantastic fun though. I’m half deaf and can’t speak either from all the singing I did. Plus I got really close to the front!

Down to the serious stuff though.

Reckless Love

Rock City, Nottingham

Support: Laura Wilde

Jalle Verne and Olli Herman - Bassist and singer - prancing about on stage.

Jalle Verne and Olli Herman – bassist and singer – prancing about on stage.

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Finally: Outta Line


This is the band that all the drunk teenagers appear to have come to see. They were here last year apparently. I must have missed them.

They’re not half bad, tackling The Beatles and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. And plenty of Green Day.Still waiting for some original stuff though; it’s another covers band, albeit a lot younger than the previous two.

It’s still disturbing that there’s kids here who weren’t born when I first heard these songs and they’re singing along so happily.

While they are really good at the songs they’re covering, I wonder just how far they could go with original material; they certainly have the talent. I had videos of them, but something went wrong and I can’t find them on my phone to transfer. It’s most irritating because I played them back earlier to check they were okay and the quality was actually quite good.


In all I enjoyed my evening, especially spending time with my sister and niece. The bands were not bad, for a free festival. I was soaked, because it began raining again, hungry and cold. I also really needed my bed. But I saw it out.

The evening finished with spirited rendition of ‘Highway to Hell’. And shouts for more; unfortunately the organisers didn’t agree.



Bob Jovi and Bond themes


This was the next band that came on, there name is, er, I don’t know, they haven’t said. But the keyboardist is one of the RMQA’s at my day job.

It took them some time to warm up and they had some technical problems with the drums, but once they hit their stride they were enjoyable to listen to. Even if they are bit ‘pop’ for me.

It’s started raining.


[I freezing, and soaked, but it’s stopped raining!]

I-fest; or Immingham attempts to rock

And it doesn’t do to badly either.

So far The League of Mental Men have entertained us with covers from a variety of bands, including Papa Roach, Guns n Roses, My Chemical Romance, The Foo Fighters and The Darkness. They’re apparently really popular in the local pubs and I can see why; the singer is fairly good. He manages to hit the notes 95% of the time (he’s not no Dave Grohl but he’ll do for Immingham) and the musicians are competent.

They were enjoyed by the whole crowd, even my sister who’s leery about this sort of music.

Back soon with a review of the next band. Provided my phone plays nice and I don’t lose the network again.


Download Festival Part 3: Saturday and Sunday

Well, I’m back on-line and trying to write this review while watching the series ‘Hannibal’ and being sociable. Look at me multi-tasking!

I saw a few more bands on Saturday than Friday. I saw a range of bands, some I hadn’t thought to see, and I missed some of the bands I wanted to see, for various reasons.

The first band I saw was:

Katatonia on the Zippo Encore Stage

In my notebook I’ve summed them up as ‘loud Scandinavians with long hair. They’ve been around for a while’.

I really enjoyed watching them. They are quite heavy, which I like, but I couldn’t actually discern the words.

Next I watched Lit play, again on the Zippo Encore Stage

One of my friends used to really like them when we were kids, back in the 90’s/00’s. According to Shelley, at some point they dropped off the face of the Earth. Their appearance at Download therefore made Shelley quite happy. I don’t know what I thought to them, some of the songs I liked, most of the set I found a little insipid. I only recognised one song; I must have heard it at some point.

After Lit I went to the Main Stage to see

Alice In Chains

I was looking forward to seeing them but was in the event actually quite disappointed, though they seemed popular in the Arena.

Next up Motorhead

Oh, I was looking forward to seeing these legends.

They were really fun to watch, although it did drag slightly. The two drum solos, while incredibly good, made the set seem unnecessarily long.

Returning to the Zippo Encore Stage to see Jimmy Eat World

By this point in the day I was tired and hungry, so I probably wasn’t listening as closely as I should have done, which is not great when you’re writing about bands and their music. Anyway, eventually I did manage to raise a bit of enthusiasm for the set.

I staggered on through to QOTSA back on the Main Stage

They were okay, I couldn’t really hear what was being sung, but I liked the music.

I had planned to stay to see Iron Maiden but all the cigarette smoke set off my asthma, and it was too much for me. I ended up going back to my tent. Due to the acoustics of the site I could hear Iron Maiden anyway. I could hear the crowd’s reaction as well; they went down very well with the people who managed to make it through the second day of Download.

And on to Sunday

Sunday was great.

I started off the day right down the front of the main stage singing along to Sacred Mother Tongue. They happen to be one of my favourite bands, so I was in heaven, just a little bit.

I first saw them at the Halestorm concert I went to in Nottingham in March this year and only saw half their set. Since then I’ve kept an eye on this Northamptonshire group. I waited impatiently for their new album and reviewed it (see

They lived up to my expectations entirely. It was so good to see them on a larger stage and in front of an appreciative crowd. Clearly people had made the effort to drag themselves out of their tents, probably with a hangover. And they appreciated the bands efforts as much as I did.

Next up, because my friends wanted to see them, Cancer Bats, still on the Main Stage

As good a front man as Liam Cormier is, I can’t say I particularly like this band. The band have a devoted following but their style of music doesn’t appeal to me. Again, I prefer singing to shouting. I just don’t like that sort of punk, though I know it’s quite a common genre these days.

Next, another band I really couldn’t wait to see, Stone Sour, played their set in the evening. We sat up on the hillside and watched. I could just about hear. The problem was that someone over in the Pepsi Max Stage were rather loud and it was irritating. They acoustic set, which I would love to have heard properly was practically drowned out.

It was still enjoyable, Corey Taylor is an excellent singer and can write a good song. The crowd certainly liked him.

After Stone Sour came Gaslight Anthem

They’re okay, I’ve never seen or heard their music before but I quite enjoyed the set. It was easier, marginally, to hear them than Stone Sour. Mainly because the racket from the Pepsi Max stage had ended.

30 Seconds to Mars

After Gaslight Anthem came Jared, Shannon and Tomo. The Echelon were very excited, and I had a few friends down their. When Jared started getting people on to the stage one of them was feet from getting up there. Then there was an accidental crowd surfer and they refused to let any more people onto the stage.

The new songs were definitely tighter in performance than the older songs; Jared seemed to get bored of singing then and got the audience to do the work instead. Shannon is still a talented drummer, and evem Tomo had a go at drumming at the start.

They announced their UK tour in  November. I’m going to the Nottingham gig.

Jared’s voice isn’t as strong as I thought it would be. To be fair, we got distracted.; I’ll tell you why later.

In between 30STM and Rammstein we took a trip to the Zippo Encore Stage to see a bit of Limp Bizkit.

They played their ‘classic’ Rollin’ – it was practically a sing-a-long. After listening to a couple more songs we got distracted by the arrival on the Main Stage of


I only saw the first half-hour or so – I was tired again – but impressed by the pyrotechnics. I’m not sure what I think of their music though.

And now for the most entertaining part of the evening.

During 30 Seconds to Mars’s set a person got stuck on the zipline. They cot bottled while they waited to be rescued. The a bottle fight started. There are videos somewhere on you tube. I shall go and find one.


Disappears to YouTube to find said video.———————————-

Returns from YouTube


Thanks to whoever recorded that and put it on youtube.

Right, it’s getting late and I have to be up for work in the morning (I’m doing overtime this week – expect random sleep-deprived blog posts). Sorry that this post is a bit disjointed and not as detailed as I would like or expect, but it was a busy weekend and I was trying to take it all in. Problem with that is I didn’t write as much down as I should have.