Black Sabbath: New album ’13’ released in two weeks…

…But in the meantime here’s a video or two about their time in the studio making it. I will probably be getting the album at some point. Hopefully it’ll be on Spotify so that I can listen to it/review it even if I can’t afford the album for a while. I’m really looking forward toContinue reading “Black Sabbath: New album ’13’ released in two weeks…”

Review:’LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS’ I’ve finally managed to hear 30 Seconds to Mars’s new album, LLF+D. Several of my friends are Echelon and have been raving about it. Jared Leto has covered huge universal topics with this new album. We all have our love, lusts, faith and dreams. This new album reminds me a lot of their first,Continue reading “Review:’LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS’”

One band I like, One band I think are a bit bad mannered and Two bands I’m not fussed by.

Yes, it’s another round up of the bands that follow my Twitter account. Aren’t you lucky devils? So the first band on my list are Demise, a band from the West Midlands that formed in 2008. They describe themselves as a ‘heavy band’ and say they sound like Pantera, Down, Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd and BlackContinue reading “One band I like, One band I think are a bit bad mannered and Two bands I’m not fussed by.”

Review: Sacred Mother Tongue ‘Out Of The Darkness’

  At last! I’ve been album since I saw them live in mid-March. It does not disappoint. Andy James’ guitar playing is amazing and Darrin South’s lyrics and vocals are so damn good. Josh Gurner (Bass) and Lee Newell (Drums) tie it all together nicely. And together it’s perfect: a heavy sound with well written,Continue reading “Review: Sacred Mother Tongue ‘Out Of The Darkness’”

Review: Bring Me The Horizon ‘Sempiternal’

I didn’t like BMTH’s earlier stuff, because as I’ve said before I prefer singers who actually sing rather than shout, and Ollie Sykes shouts far more than he sings. That’s unfortunate really because as ‘Deathbeds’, the final track on the ‘Deluxe’ version of Sempiternal, shows, Ollie Sykes can sing quite well. That isn’t the onblyContinue reading “Review: Bring Me The Horizon ‘Sempiternal’”

Metal Hammer presents HIM Tears on Tape Limited Edition Collector’s Pack: Was it worth it?

  YES!!!!! You know I said I’d stop fangirling? Well, I lied. I’m back with another post. I pre-ordered the fan pack as soon as it was available (if I’d waited I wouldn’t have had the money to pay for it). It arrived the on Monday, the official release date and came packaged in aContinue reading “Metal Hammer presents HIM Tears on Tape Limited Edition Collector’s Pack: Was it worth it?”

Review: HIM ‘Tears on Tape’

Firstly let me declare my biases.      I’m very fond of HIM, they’re probably the only band I fan-girl over       There’s a good chance I’d love this album anyway because it’s the first album of new music      they’ve released since I first heard their music Now that’s out of the way I’ll get onContinue reading “Review: HIM ‘Tears on Tape’”

Message to Venus

Since bands keep following me on Twitter, and I really need to do some writing right now (I find it therapeutic), I have decided to give in and write about them instead of complaining about it. Two bands followed me today: Message to Venus, from Puerto Rico/Florida and Strip no Alter, from Brazil. This postContinue reading “Message to Venus”

I knew it was a mistake…

…writing about the bands that follow my Twitter because now I have even more following me. Three more so far this week, all within a day of each other. Here’s what my nosing around the web found. Art of Dying Twitter: @ArtOfDying Jonny Hetherington – vocals Greg Bradley – guiar Tanis Stanley – guitar/vocalsContinue reading “I knew it was a mistake…”