New Halestorm single

Actually, the single, ‘I am the Fire’ was released a few weeks ago but I’ve only just had a chance to hear it (I have to wait for Spotify).

I’ve listened to it at least twice. I like. But then there isn’t much of Halestorm’s music that I don’t enjoy.

January 2015 Reviews

Hello, and welcome to the first review post of 2015. There’s a lot of variety in this month’s post, but I’ll let you get on with reading the actual reviews now.
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Review: Jealous Gods by Poets Of The Fall

Poets Of The Fall released their new album on Spotify today and I’ve been listening to it on repeat at my work placement. It certainly made the time pass while I was scanning piles of files.

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July reviews: part one

I’ve got a few book reviews and a couple of album reviews too for you all today, loyal readers.

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Hot night in Rock City

Yes, you are getting a cheesy title for this review; I am, after all, reviewing an incredibly cheesy band.They are fantastic fun though. I’m half deaf and can’t speak either from all the singing I did. Plus I got really close to the front!

Down to the serious stuff though.

Reckless Love

Rock City, Nottingham

Support: Laura Wilde

Jalle Verne and Olli Herman - Bassist and singer - prancing about on stage.
Jalle Verne and Olli Herman – bassist and singer – prancing about on stage.

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