What’s on the blog: July 2020

Hola, this month might be a bit sparse, because I have had to turn down ‘digital only’ tour, but I have a few reviews and extract posts for you


  • 2nd
    • Fresh Eggs and dog beds 2
    • Nick Albert
    • Audiobook
    • Memoir
    • Rachel’s Random Resources blog tour
  • 6th
    • Operation Jihadi Bride
    • John Carney
    • Hardback
    • Memoir
    • Random Things Tours blog tour
  • 11th
    • The Women Writers’ Handbook
    • ed. Ann Sandham
    • Paperback
    • Non-fiction
    • Love Books Tours blog tour
  • 26th
    • The Big Chill
    • Doug Johnston
    • Paperback
    • Crime/Thriller
    • Orenda blog tour

Extract, cover reveals and book blitz posts

  • 2nd – Extract
    • Warbringer
    • Aaron Hodges
    • Rachel’s Random Resources blog tour
  • 6th – Book Blitz
    • Sunrise on the Coast
    • Lilac Mills
    • Rachel’s Random Resources
  • 9th – Extract
    • Pauper and Prince in Harlem
    • Delia C. Pitts
    • Rachel’s Random Resources
  • 9th – Cover Reveal
    • Buried Treasure
    • Gilli Allen
    • Random Things Tours
  • 10th -Extract
    • Empire’s Reckoning
    • Marian L Thorpe
    • Rachel’s Random Resources
  • 20th – Extract
    • Deadly Wishes
    • Rachel Mclean
    • Rachel’s Random Resources
  • 22nd- Extract
    • Deathe Remembered
    • K.E. Coburn
    • Rachel’s Random Resources
  • 22nd – Book Blitz
    • Kissing Daisy Parker
    • Michael Malton
    • Love Books Tours
  • 23rd – Extract
    • A Little Pick Me Up
    • Kate Portman
    • Love Books Tours

It’s a bit sparse, but you should also expect a couple of Pen & Sword reviews, plus some of my TBR pile reviews. My Goldsboro SFF Fellowship books and the pre-orders have been arriving and starting to pile up so I will be doing my best to get them read and reviewed.

May Review Schedule

My review slots for may are full so I’m going to share the schedule for May today.

  • The Greenmen, by Linden Forster
    • Rachel’s Random Resources
    • Fantasy
    • 3rd May
  • Dear Jane, by Allie Cresswell
    • Rachel’s Random Resources
    • Historical
    • 8th May
  • The Dream of the Tortoise, by Nyako Nakar
    • Authoright
    • Children’s book
    • 10th May
  • Retriever of Souls, by Lorraine Mace
    • Rachel’s Random Resources
    • Extract Post
    • 12th May
  • White Gold, by David Barker
    • Love Books Group Tours
    • Crime Thriller
    • 15th May
  • Blood List, by Ali Carter
    • Random Things Tours
    • Crime
    • 19th May
  • The Comedy Club Mystery, by Peter Bartram
    • Random Tings Tours
    • Crime
    • 24th May
  • Children in Chains, by Lorraine Mace
    • Rachel’s Random Resources
    • Extract Post
    • 29th May

January 2019 Book Review Calendar

Happy New Year and all that jazz. 

1st January

  • She Was The Quiet One
  • Michele Campbell
  • Crime
  • HQ Stories

8th January

  • The Murder Pit
  • Mick Finlay
  • Crime
  • HarperCollins

12th January

  • The Convalescent Corpse
  • Nicola Slade
  • Crime
  • Rachel’s Random Resources

17th January

  • Spiral Into Darkness
  • Joseph Lewis
  • Crime Thriller
  • Rachel’s Random Resources

22nd January

  • The Pluckley Psychic Historical Society
  • Grahame Peace
  • Supernatural Crime
  • Random Things Tours

23rd January

  • Mask of the gods
  • Karen Furk
  • Fantasy
  • Rachel’s Random Resources

28th January

  • The 13th Witch
  • Mark Hayden
  • Fantasy
  • Random Things Tours

Review schedule – May to September 2018

Hola peeps, it’s the end of April and this time for me to write the reviewing schedule for May. Except I’m starting my dissertation in a few days, so reviewing is taking a back seat. That doesn’t mean there won’t be reviews. Even I need a break from writing occasionally.

Which reminds me, Charley’s War is on to chapter 30 and is only half done. I’ll get there eventually.

So, what have I got booked in for the next few months?

Edit: It’s npw mid-July and some significant progress has been made with the dissertation so I’ve added some reviews to the schedule.


  • 6th
    • The Planetsider, by GJ Ogden
    • Alex is reviewing this one. since it’s a YA novel.


  • 1st
    • When The Water’s Recede, by Graham Smith
    • Crime novel
  • 20th
    • Tubing, by K.A. McKeagney
    • Crime thriller


  • 13th
    • The London Mysteries, books 1 & 2, by Alice Castle
    • Cosy crime set in modern London
  • 19th
    • Wrecker, by Noel O’Reilly
    • Historical fiction set in Cornwall
  • 27th
    • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, by Gina Kirkham
    • Humour


  • 3rd
    • Duck Egg Blues, by Martin Ungless
    • Crime/sci-fi
  •  8th
    • The Cheesemaker’s House, by Jane Cable
    • This is to celebrate the novel’s fifth birthday
    • Mystery/women’s fiction (maybe, I’m not too sure)
  • 18th
    • Implant, by Ray Clark
    • Crime
  • 23rd
    • Love you Stationary
    • A children’s picture book
  • 24th
    • Tommy Twigtree
    • Also a picture book
  • There will also be a couple of promo posts this month:
  • 12th
    • Q&A about ‘The Bespokest Society Guide To London’
  • 14th
    • Promo post for ‘The Camberwell Calamity’, by Alice Castle
    • The London Mysteries #3 – Beth’s adventures continue… 

September – Nothing booked in so far.

It’s a bit spartan, I know and mostly crime, but I need to focus on my writing for a few months. As I said, there will be other, unscheduled reviews, because I have a pile of books waiting to be read.




April review schedule

March Review Schedule

I’ve got a busy month with eight scheduled book reviews, plus a trip to London to see Hamilton. There are a lot of blog tours on this month but I’ve managed to fit in an indie book sent to me directly by the author. I hope there’s something for everyone to enjoy here. I know I don’t normally review ‘women’s fiction’, but I liked the sound of the books. I may write a blog post on why I don’t like the genre ‘Women’s Fiction’.

  • 2nd March
    • Hamilton – Musical review
  • 3rd March
    • I Know Where You Live
    • Pat Young
      • Blog tour – Sarah Hardy
      • Fiction – Crime/thriller
  • 5th March
    • How To Write & Publish A Bestselling Book: My journey from firefighter to bestselling author and how you can do it too!
    • Richard McMunn
      • Blog tour – Authoright
      • Non-fiction – Autobiography
  • 7th March
    • Ape Mind, Old Mind, New Mind: Emotional Fossils and the Evolution of the Human Spirit
    • John V. Wylie, M.D.
      • Non-fiction – Psychology
  • 14th March
    • When I grow up
    • Patricia Asedegbega
      • Blog tour – Anne Cater
      • Fiction – Women’s Fiction
  • 22nd March
    • We were the salt of the sea
    • Roxanne Bouchard
      • Blog Tour – Orenda
      • Fiction – Crime
  • 26th March
    • The Horse’s Arse
    • Laura Gascoigne
      • Authoright Spring Reading Week
      • Fiction – Women’s Fiction
  • 28th March
    • The Book of Air
    • Joe Treasure
      • Authoright Spring Reading Week
      • Fiction – Literary Fiction
  • 30th March
    • The Cubit Quest
    • Trevor Leck
      • Authoright Spring Reading Week
      • Fiction – YA

February Review Schedule

Since I’ve started back at university, I’m giving myself a bit of space for writing and university assignments, so there’s no planned reviews until the 14th. As usual, look out for the bonus reviews, you never know what might pop up.

  • 14th February
    • The Mother’s Secret
    • Clare Swatman
  • 17th February
    • Comfort Food
    • Julia Chen
    • Blog Tour – Authoright
  • 21st February
    • iHunt
    • David A Hill Jr
  • 27th February
    • So I Might Be A Vampire
    • Rodney Smith
  • 28th February
    • An Unquiet Ghost
    • Linda Stratmann

January Review Schedule


One review a week this month, because I start back at university soon. There will of course, be the bonus reviews when I get a chance, but these are the scheduled reviews, and blog tours. Enjoy!

  • 7th
    • Misfortune of Vision
      Christy Nicholas
  • 10th
    • The Wolves of Winter
      Tyrell Johnson
    • Blog tour
  • 17th
    • Choose to rise
      MN Mekaelian
  • 30th
    • Veronica’s Bird
      Veronica Bird
    • Blog tour


December Review Schedule

Just because it’s that time of year, it doesn’t mean I’m slacking off. These are the reviews I have booked in for definite. There will be others, I have a couple of books on my Kindle that I’ve received from Netgalley that I want to review. Some are even seasonably appropriate. As you can see, one a week is scheduled for the entire month, and there is on blog tour planned. I hope you enjoy the variety in books this month.

  • 2nd December
    • Matthew Redford
      • Who Killed The Mince Spy?
        12 Days of Clink Street Christmas
  • 6th December
    • Jane Robins
      • White Bodies
  • 13th December
    • Mikayla Elliot
      • Snow
  • 20th December
    • George Billions
      • Fidget Spinners Destroyed my Life!
  • 27th December
    • Bolivar Beato
      • Pangaea: The End of Days, Revelations