Review: ‘The Old Dragon’s Head’, by Justin Newland

Blurb Constructed of stone and packed earth, the Great Wall of 10,000 li protects China’s northern borders from the threat of Mongol incursion. The wall is also home to a supernatural beast: the Old Dragon. The Old Dragon’s Head is the most easterly point of the wall, where it finally meets the sea. In everyContinue reading “Review: ‘The Old Dragon’s Head’, by Justin Newland”

Review: ‘The Greenmen’, by Linden Forster

Blurb Aereon has found the Creators. He’s crossed seas and mountain ranges to reach them, tangled with dwarves and ogres along the way, escaped the clutches of an icicle wielding irate yeti to rescue them and now they tell him that they weren’t in any great need of help. A revolution has sparked in theContinue reading “Review: ‘The Greenmen’, by Linden Forster”

Review: ‘Divine Invention’, by Linden Forster

Blurb Most stories begin with either an unforeseen turn of events or a problem. Krank has a problem. For centuries, the people of the island have lived on the animals and plants to be found there. It was bliss and so the population grew. It was not until very recently anyone noticed that the quantityContinue reading “Review: ‘Divine Invention’, by Linden Forster”

Review: ‘The 13th Witch’, by Mark Hayden

Blurb Did you know that the gods can use mobile phones? They can, and Odin has a message for Conrad…Conrad Clarke, former RAF pilot and alleged gangster gets a text – and a visit – from The Allfather. Odin has a challenge for Conrad:sign up to protect England from wild magick and get a commissionContinue reading “Review: ‘The 13th Witch’, by Mark Hayden”

Review: ‘Mask of the Gods’, by Karen Furk

Blurb Soul Demons live off the souls of the living.   When Haydan’s home world is invaded by a soul demon seeking an item shrouded in myth and legend, his father evicts him and sends him to safety. His chosen one and warrior should provide reassurance and sanctuary, but neither appears to be working very well.Continue reading “Review: ‘Mask of the Gods’, by Karen Furk”

January 2019 Book Review Calendar

Happy New Year and all that jazz.  1st January She Was The Quiet One Michele Campbell Crime HQ Stories 8th January The Murder Pit Mick Finlay Crime HarperCollins 12th January The Convalescent Corpse Nicola Slade Crime Rachel’s Random Resources 17th January Spiral Into Darkness Joseph Lewis Crime Thriller Rachel’s Random Resources 22nd January The Pluckley PsychicContinue reading “January 2019 Book Review Calendar”

November Bonus Review #5: ‘Tempests and Slaughter’, by Tamora Pierce

Published By: HarperCollins UK Publication Date: 20th September 2018 I.S.B.N.: 9780008304331 Format: Paperback Price: £8.99         Blurb The legend begins. In the ancient halls of the Imperial University of Carthak, a young man has begun his journey to becoming one of most powerful mages the realm has ever known. Arram Draper is the youngest studentContinue reading “November Bonus Review #5: ‘Tempests and Slaughter’, by Tamora Pierce”

Bonus Review #1: ‘Elysium’s Shadow’, by Matthew Munson

Published By: Inspired Quill Publication Date: October 2015? Format: Paperback Price: £9.99 I.S.B.N.: 978190860069 Bought from here           Blurb “It’s been a hell of a first day.” Jon May has been the Governor of Elysium for a few hours, and he’s already facing a belligerent Chief of Security, an ex-Operations ManagerContinue reading “Bonus Review #1: ‘Elysium’s Shadow’, by Matthew Munson”

Bonus Review #1: ‘Snuff’, by Sir Terry Pratchett GNU

Published by: Doubleday UK Publication Date: 13th October 2011 Format: Hardback I.S.B.N.: 9780385619264 Price: £18.99 (And yes, I did pay that much, I used to get my Discworlds as soon as I could)           Blurb According to the writer of the best-selling crime novel ever to have been published in the cityContinue reading “Bonus Review #1: ‘Snuff’, by Sir Terry Pratchett GNU”

Review: ‘So I Might Be A Vampire’, by Rodney V. Smith

 Published By: Lost Bajan Publishing Publication Date: 13th February 2018 I.S.B.N.: 9781775007210 Format: Paperback Price: £13.99           Blurb Nobody expects to get turned into a vampire, especially a guy like Bob. Everybody hopes that if they somehow get transformed into a vampire, they will instantly become some kind of superhero vampire outContinue reading “Review: ‘So I Might Be A Vampire’, by Rodney V. Smith”