Children’s Picture Book Review: Bertie at the Worldwide Games, by Wendy H. Jones, Illustrated by Barry Diaper


Bertie the Buffalo is having fun on the farm where he lives in Scotland. Then a mysterious letter arrives inviting him to represent Scotland in the Worldwide Games. Bertie and his friends fly to Tokyo where they meet new and exotic animals and try to win first prize in all the different events. Bertie is sad when he isn’t winning any medals but finds out if he works together with his friends, he will be a winner in the end.

My Review

Thanks to the author and publisher for a copy of this book. I read a Bertie book last year and was so pleased to see another, Bertie is an adorable little buffalo.

Aww, this is so cute! Bertie and friends represent Scotland in running races in Tokyo, and learn the importance of team work.

I think the writing and illustration have improved since the first book. There’s something more vibrant about the illustrations. The story has a strong rhyme and I’m sure it’s ever so slightly more complex than in the first book. Maybe Bertie is getting a bit older so the prose is getting more complex?

I like it! The colours of the pictures are eye-catching the writing is fun and bouncy, and the message is good.

Author Bio

Wendy H. Jones is the award-winning author of the DI Shona McKenzie Mysteries and Cass Claymore Investigates. She lives in Scotland and is also an international public speaker and the president of the Scottish Association of Writers.

Illustrator: Barry Diaper  

Barry Diaper is best known for his cartoons and caricatures for The Beano. He was once short-listed for the Daily Mail’s ‘Not the Turner Prize’. He lives in Salisbury, England.

Children’s Picture Book Review: A Tiger Named Lee, by Sinead Murphy, Illustrated by Shannon Chresham


Lee is a tiny tiger who lives with his Mum in the safety of his treetop house. There he feels safe from the dangers of the dark jungle below. But one wild stormy night, Lee and his Mum are thrown to the ground and Lee is forced to face his fears in order to help her. A Tiger named Lee tells the story of a timid little tiger who refuses to leave his tree-top perch and go down to the jungle floor for fear of what may lie there. However, he and his Mum are thrown from the tree on a stormy night and the little tiger has to overcome his fears.

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Review: Emma’s Quest, by T.R. Willard


Let’s discover the path on Emma’s quest, to protect and respect the earthlings among us.

Emma will show you how precious her life, your life and all the creatures on this planet’s lives are by going on a legendary quest so we can all fill our lives with love.

This is the first illustrated book for children by T. R. Willard aimed at young readers from 4 upwards.

Information about the Book

Title: Emma’s Quest

Author: T. R. Willard

Release Date: 24th June 2021

Genre: Picture Book

Page Count: 48

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Amazon Link:

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Review: Tommy Twigtree and The Easter Plan, by Michael Firman


This is the story of Tommy Twigtree and his Easter adventure. This book is the second story in the Tommy Twigtree series by the author Michael Firman and follows Tommy Twigtree and the Carrot Crunchers.

Information about the Book

Title: Tommy Twigtree and the Easter Plan

Author: Michael Firman

Genre: Picture Book

Publication Date: 1st April 2021

Page Count: 19

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Amazon Link:  

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Children’s Picture Book Review: Daddy’s Weekend, by Tehya and Michael Cunningham

Information about the Book

Title: Daddy’s Weekend

Author: Michael Cunningham

Release Date: 25th May 2021

Genre: Picture Book

Page Count: 50

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Amazon Link:


Tehya and her daddy hang out.

This is their story.

Written by father and daughter Michael and Tehya Cunningham, this book aim to give extra love and support to children of divorced of separated parents.

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Review: Setsuko and the Song of the Sea, by Fiona Barker, Illustrated by Howard Gray


Setsuko loves the sea. She swims its shallows. She dives its depths. But she worries that her friends have chosen to abandon her way of life. Then she meets a whale who also fears he is the last of his kind. In return for giving him hope, he gifts her a song which she uses to remind people of the beauty of the ocean. Setsuko took the song and made it her own. They played together from the first crisp light of morning until the setting of the evening sun. Everyone who heard Setsuko’s song was filled with the wonder of the sea. They remembered the beauty and mystery of the ocean. A story of an unlikely friendship, Setsuko and her friend the whale have one thing in common ― their love of the sea. Much like the revered ama-san, ― women who have been diving off the coast of the Shima peninsula in Japan for over 2,000 years ― Setsuko is a strong girl who is on the path to becoming one of these real-life mermaids. 10% of the net profits from each book will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society, the UK charity working for seas full of life. Visit to find out more.

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Children’s Book Review: Dad! I’ve Hurt Myself!, by Andrew Rogerson, Illustrations by Christopher Dodd

Publisher : Clink Street Publishing (1 April 2021)
Language : English
Paperback : 36 pages
ISBN-10 : 1913962393
ISBN-13 : 978-1913962395
Reading Age: 4 – 7 years


This is the story about how a dad tries to distract his daughter when she has hurt herself or feels ill. These are all real moments.

Written by Andrew Rogerson, this book is for anyone who enjoys reading time with their children. It especially highlights the unique relationship between a father and his daughter and shows how acting silly can sometimes distract and defuse a tricky situation.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Christopher Dodd who has a unique perspective because he has known the author for many years and has seen Poppy grow up from being a toddler. The illustrations offer an insight into the world of books and well-known children’s characters providing a wonderful point of discussion between parent and child.


This book shows various attempts by ‘Dad’ to distract ‘Poppy’ after she gets minor booboos. Tea and biscuits, ice cream, sweets and being silly are the main ways ‘Dad’ distracts ‘Poppy’. There’s a list of story references at the back for children to find in the illustrations.

It is quite a funny little story. Very simple to read and understand. There are questions on each page for the reader to ask/answer.

The illustrations are colour pencil drawings in a cheerful, slightly wacky style. There are all sorts of strange creatures and references to a range of nursery rhymes and children’s books. Some of them seem to be on the wrong page for the words, but that might be an ARC feature?

I think the reading age range is a little high, maybe 3 to 5, rather than 4 to 7 years.

Nice little book for early readers.

Review: What the world needs now: Bees!, by @cherylrosebush @freshly_press @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours


Inside the sprawling forests of Ontario, Canada lives a  friendly black bear named Melly. One of Melly’s favourite  things to do is EAT! And many of the delicious fruits she  snacks on wouldn’t grow without the help of some very  important little forest creatures. 

What the World Needs Now: Bees! explores the vital role  busy, busy bees play in helping plants to grow the food  people and animals love to eat.

A message from the Author:

As you might have seen on IG, our UK Shopify online store is now open for business:  We are really proud of our set up in the UK. All books in the series are printed in and shipped from the UK, which means we can pass along shipping savings to the customer, and the books have the lowest carbon footprint possible.

100% recycled paper, biodegradable lamination, vegetable-based inks and carbon-balanced printing we use, and now more than ever, these are books you can feel REALLY good about buying.

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Children’s Picture Book Review: Nomit and Pickle go shopping, by C.E. Cameron

Nomit And Pickle Go Shopping
ISBN-13: 9781913568320
ISBN-10: 1913568326
Author: Cameron, C E
Edition: Illustrated
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Published: September 2020

My Review

This is a children’s book about two siblings called Nomit and Pickle who need to go shopping. Nomit is a bit absent-minded and Pickle gets a little frustrated. There isn’t much food left in the shop and but Nomit finds a treat that she knows Pickle will like, so the pair learn to compromise. It’s rather a sweet book that teaches the lesson of compromise and tolerance of differences, with some fun illustrations. The abstract shapes of the characters adds to the joyous nature of the story.

Children’s Book Review: The Pirate and R, by Daniele Forni


The Pirate and R is a simple introduction to the statistical software R, specifically aimed at future data scientists.

Got to for more codes to use and to stay up to date regarding future publications.

Information about the Book

Title: The Pirate and R

Author: Daniele Forni

Genre: Picture Book

Publication Date: 2nd June 2020

Page Count: 30

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Goodreads Link:

Amazon Link:

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