I’ve started a podcast.

I’m scared and the first episode is a bit of a mess because I don’t have any editing software, so it’s just me talking into a microphone with some stock music added at the beginning and end. I reviewed two books quite quickly and mentioned others on the blog. WordPress has some sort of agreement with Spotify because every time I publish a blog post I get a ‘turn it into a podcast’ message, and I finally gave in after writing my review for Legends & Lattes earlier. I bit the bullet and made use of a borrowed microphone. I’m hoping to get better at recording and try to find editing software that will let me take out my hesitation and repetition, as well as the dogs making noises in the background.

I hope to release a new episode every fortnight, hopefully with at least two reviews and any rambling chatty stuff that sneaks in. I like to talk about my work so I probably will end up discussing the neurodiversity heritage project and possibly even the allotment.

I should probably tell you what it’s called and all that.

The blog is called:

You can find it on Spotify and Anchor.

If you can bare to hear my weird voice and don’t mind me rambling a bit, please give it a listen and leave any constructive feedback in the comments of this post.

I tried a weight management programme for 18 months and all I got was worse mental health

This is a long one, get comfy. I don’t talk about personal stuff much now, since my blog has evolved into a book blog from a general/mental health blog.

For the first time in 18 months, I weighed myself today. Last time I got weighed was at the start of 2020 when I was weighed at the start of a ‘get active’ programme with the local leisure centres, where I started swimming two to three times a week, and then a ‘weight management programme’ a few weeks later.

I will be talking about weight and BMI, so if that’s not a happy thing for you to think about, probably best not to read on.

I haven’t lost or gained any weight, but apparently I’m 6 centimetres shorter than I was in February last year…

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More podcasts I like

Have I mentioned I like to listen to podcasts while I write? I probably have. I thought I’d tell you about another one I enjoy. I was listening to the Standard Issue Magazine podcast and they interviewed Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard – McLean, who present comedy/true crime podcast ‘All Killa, No Filla’ after their Edinburgh Fringe show. I had to look for their Facebook page to find a link to their actual podcasts. I found it eventually, here.

There are episodes going back two years, so I’ll be kept entertained for some time. Right, time to get back to¬†Charley’s War. We’re getting to the turning point in the plot now.