Diagnosis time and reflections.


After my last post on Wednesday, I thought (some of?) my readers would be interested to know the results of my trip to the ASC Diagnostic Team on Thursday afternoon.

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Stupid ways to die and other writing ideas

A few days ago, as entertainment, my sister, mum and mum’s partner decided that when we sell the house and move out, to wind the neighbours up, we’d tell them, casually, that the new people were …whatever…It all got a bit silly.

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Lazy Rosie is lazy

Or, NaNoWriMo 2013 update 4

I haven’t done any writing today. Instead I started work on a couple of xmas gifts and went to college for four hours. I really need to get something written tonight or I’ll not get finished.

In other news I might have a functioning phone in a couple of weeks which means I’ll be able to post more often.