Something light hearted before I start posting book reviews

Reckless Love (hyperactive glam rock band from Finland – very 80’s!) release their new album ‘Spirit’ a week today. Today they released the video for one of the songs on that album. The song is called ‘So happy I could die’, and it really is a cheerful tune.

Bob Jovi and Bond themes

This was the next band that came on, there name is, er, I don’t know, they haven’t said. But the keyboardist is one of the RMQA’s at my day job. It took them some time to warm up and they had some technical problems with the drums, but once they hit their stride they wereContinue reading “Bob Jovi and Bond themes”

I-fest; or Immingham attempts to rock

And it doesn’t do to badly either. So far The League of Mental Men have entertained us with covers from a variety of bands, including Papa Roach, Guns n Roses, My Chemical Romance, The Foo Fighters and The Darkness. They’re apparently really popular in the local pubs and I can see why; the singer isContinue reading “I-fest; or Immingham attempts to rock”

Addendum to Download Festival Review part 1

Despite the rain and noise, I had a really good time camping with my friends. We ended up with a lodger sleeping in our porch for two nights as well. It’s been years since I went camping for more than a night and I actually enjoyed the experience. The Village was great, I got toContinue reading “Addendum to Download Festival Review part 1”

Brain finally in order, now where do I start?

I’ve been trying to decide where to start with my posts about Download Festival. I think I’ll start with my impressions, since I want to add videos and such to my reviews. I definitely enjoyed the experience, although I did keep noting things to do differently next year. That will be the subject of anotherContinue reading “Brain finally in order, now where do I start?”

I’m back from Download Festival

I’m home, clean, exhausted and a little bit drunk. It is my birthday after all. That aside, give me a chance to sleep and get my brain in order and I’ll tell you about Download; bands, shopping, food, friends, queuing and zipline pinata. And the thunderstorm on Thursday. Bye bye, from a rather sleepy, RoseContinue reading “I’m back from Download Festival”