Evening, it’d be much more pleasant out if the wind would drop so I’m sat indoors reading instead of being outside enjoying my new garden chairs. I have a fire pit too, I need to get burny-burny things so I can set fire to marsh mallows and toast my toes in an evening.Continue reading “Update”

Does anyone know a god in the market for a slightly tarnished soul?

HIM announced yesterday that they are playing a UK exclusive gig at my favourite venue, Rock City in Nottingham, on the 27th December. Tickets go on sale on Friday.Continue reading “Does anyone know a god in the market for a slightly tarnished soul?”

30 days of Creative Writing: Day 10

Today’s exercise discusses the use of music in writing. I have to write a story in which music forces the protagonist back to a specific point in time and cause them to re-evaluate their life.
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Christmas Song playlist

I read a post a few days ago about Christmas music (http://ginjuh.wordpress.com/2013/12/19/christmas-music/). I’m not the greatest fan myself, but there are one or two I like. I made a very short playlist for you all to enjoy. Thanks to You Tube and Spotify I can inflict my terrible taste in music on you all.

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The changing face of CD packaging

And to continue the subject of music…


It’s probably not the most fascinating of subjects to most people but something caught my eye as I was contemplating my CD collection recently. I was sizing them up for new storage. This never used to be a problem because I hardly owned any music, but in the last couple of years I have collected rather a lot. During this operation I realised I might have a bit of a problem getting storage because standard CD racks are designed for one format of CD case and I had several different types. And that was when it hit me.

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