Evening, it’d be much more pleasant out if the wind would drop so I’m sat indoors reading instead of being outside enjoying my new garden chairs. I have a fire pit too, I need to get burny-burny things so I can set fire to marsh mallows and toast my toes in an evening. Continue reading

16th April 2016

In January I lost my job, the managers cited ‘concern for my health’ but their attitude said they didn’t want someone with mental health conditions working for them. It’s not the first time I’ve dealt with that attitude and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Officially, employers aren’t allowed to discriminate on the grounds of mental health conditions, but if you have a zero-hours contract all they have to do is say they don’t need you any more. Continue reading

April Fool’s Day

Or as I like to think of it, ‘Where am I going to get enough birthday cards? day’. A few people have their birthdays today, which is slightly more important to me than poor practical jokes or gags on Facebook. Luckily my gran provided me with a box of cards last year so I have a selection. They’re quite pretty too.

I’m not leaving my house for another half hour at least, just to be on the safe side.

Slightly anxious today. I’ve had to ring people about various things and now my anxiety is all over the place. Is it odd that phoning people makes me anxious?

I have my quarterly landlord’s inspection in two weeks and I had to call the lettings agent to confirm that I’ll be in.

I had to ring my solicitor back after I missed his call. He’s nice but it’s a difficult thing to do; it’s technical most of the time, to do with my back injury compensation claim. We’re at an important stage.

I’m a bit disappointed as well, I thought I was seeing Dad tomorrow but now I’m not. Bit down in the dumps about it; I was looking forward to sending a few hours with him and doing some gardening.

Ah well, best be off, the dogs are demanding nose scratching.

Walking pictures, or, I left the house today


Walking back from the doctors surgery and I saw this little one flitting about. Cheered me up slightly. My anxiety and depression is playing up today and my back is painful. I’m finally getting some physio though, after four years of being fobbed off and ignored, and told it’ll fix itself if I lose weight, or it’s all in my head.

Shared from WordPress – Garlic Bread of the Revolution

Garlic Bread of the Revolution –

I’ve made bread today because of this post from Gods&Radicals; as ever it’s made from whatever I had in the cupboard. This one has dried rosemary in it, a bit of rapeseed oil, honey, salt, dried yeast, flour and water. Not much in the way of measures since I do everything by eye and touch – I know when the dough is right.
The bread is rising at the minute, and the butter for the garlic butter is softening on the side. I will be making garlic bread later 🙂

Going out to tidy the back garden now and consider what I need to do to get it productive this year.

My brain is a bit wobbly today so I think being outside will be good for me but I’m not up to walking the dogs. They’re fine with that, they’re sunbathing in my bedroom 🙂

Edit: the bread is almost cooked and looks lovely. The garlic and herb butter is made. The loaf is so big I’ll have to cut a piece off to make the garlic bread with.

Further edit: I have garlic bread, it is amazing. Bow before my culinary skills.

Actually, don’t bow down to me, or anybody else. It’s bad for your back.