Hretha’s Drumbeats

Rattling drumbeats calling out

Howling trumpets soaring

Hretha’s army is on the march

Seek refuge while you can

Or, it started pouring down with rain just before I finished work this afternoon and I got soaked.

This, by the way, is my inadequate introduction to my post. Forgive the truly poor poetry. It was inspired by the weather this afternoon. My brain bounced from ‘the weather is awful’ to

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Does anyone know a way to say ‘nest of vipers’ without saying ‘nest of vipers’?

I was lying in bed this morning, around half six, listening to the dog snore and contemplating getting up early. In the end I decided to stay in bed. I have some of my best ideas in bed; the shower’s quite a good place to find inspiration as well. I think it’s because my brain relaxes and the random thoughts have a chance to bubble up. Either that or I’m only half conscious and my subconscious uses the opportunity to nudge me in a sensible direction. This morning’s lay-in was quite a fruitful one.Continue reading “Does anyone know a way to say ‘nest of vipers’ without saying ‘nest of vipers’?”