A weekend away: My FantasyCon 2021 in pictures

Slow-cooker pizza

This one is based on a basic recipe in the same book I got the basic lasagne recipe from.

I made the sauce, also using a recipe in the slow-cooker recipe book for a marinara sauce, but I pureed and left it on low for for twelve hours with the lid off to reduce down.

Following the recipe, I used a pre-made pizza dough. It comes wrapped up in greaseproof paper so I cut a rectangle off to fit it into my slow cooker. That was helpful since I didn’t need to spray the slow-cooker with cooking spray and it made it really easy to lift out after.

  • Pre-made pizza dough
  • Pre-made tomato sauce
  • Frozen veg
    • onions
    • peppers
    • mushrooms
  • Fresh chopped pineapple
  • Sliced ham pieces
  • Grated cheese
  • Frozen basil
  1. Put the dough in the slow cooker – no more than 1/4 inch thick
  2. Spread tomato sauce on the base
  3. Layer on veg – fresh or frozen, is up to you, I use frozen because I have frozen, chopped veg and mushrooms in
  4. Layer on the meat and pineapple if you’re added it
  5. Cheese, thick as you like
  6. Sprinkle basil on the cheese, teaspoon at most. Again, I use frozen because I have it in the freezer (along with garlic, chillies and ginger)
  7. Cover and turn on low for an hour
  • Check the dough around the edges and take the lid off
  • Continue cooking for another hour or so. It depends on your slow cooker
  • Using a spatula, lift the pizza out of the slow-cooker and gently peel off the greaseproof paper the plate up
Cooked and ready for stuffing in ma’ face!

It was a big enough pizza for me, but I’m not known for my tiny appetite. You could cut it in half and have a salad with it if you want more vegetables?

It’s probably about one serving of vegetables, there’s a mix of veg, protein from the mushrooms and ham, carbohydrates from the base. I might try to make it with different bases, if I get around to making some. I still have most of the shop bought pizza dough rolled up in the fridge so I’m going to make another one later in the week.

Rosie’s slow cooker vegetable and mushroom lasagne

Vegetable lasagne cooked

I got the basic recipe from a book of vegetarian slow-cooker recipes but added my own bits because it wasn’t substantial enough. Your cooking time will vary with the slow-cooker. The original recipe says 6 hours on low, but my cooker did it in 3 hours on low. Its a bit experimental.


  • Spray oil
  • Jar of tomato pasta sauce
  • Carbonara stir in sauce (only needed for the last layer unless you want it in all layers)
  • Lasagne sheets
  • Grated cheese
  • Frozen
    • sliced onion (essential)
    • sliced mushrooms (essential)
    • ‘Morrisons 6 bean mix’ (optional)
    • cubed squash (optional)
    • garlic (essential)


  1. Spray the inside of your cooking pot with the spray cooking oil
  2. Put your first layer of tomato sauce on the bottom of the cooking pot, add some water to the sauce jar. This is to make sure there is enough water to cook the lasagne pasta
  3. Add the first layer of pasta sheets. You might need to break the pasta to fit it into the pot
  4. Put the frozen veg and mushrooms in a bowl and mix together, this is the equivalent of the mince in a normal lasagne
  5. Layer some of the veg mix into the pot, then the tomato sauce, then the grated cheese, then the lasagne sheets
  6. On the last layer, when you’re out of veg, after the lasagne add a layer of carbonara sauce, then the last of the tomato sauce, then the grated cheese.
  7. Put the lid on, turn to low and leave it for however long you need.