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And other things I’ve been up to in the book department.


August is here and with it the sound of screaming kids playing in the streets, barbecues and my long-awaited holiday. This first I’ve ever been on alone, my first abroad and the first time I’ve done all the booking online – just the online check-in to do. I haven’t had a holiday in fifteen years. We’re off to Paris for three nights to celebrate my friend’s birthday. I’m very excited, two weeks from now I’ll be flying (again, first time in twenty-seven years) from Leeds-Bradford to Charles de Gaulle. It’s a big adventure for me.

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Update: 25th July 2016

Good evening readers, I thought it might be time for a bit of an update, since I’ve been so quiet this month on the reviewing front. I’m tired. It’s the heat and the amount of light; I sleep at odd hours and I’m not really in the mood to look at a screen all day because my eyes hurt.  Continue reading

New book cover website and novel news

A friend of mine is a photographer and has started a business providing ebook covers. She’s a fantastic photographer and I’m considering using her images for the covers of the novels.

Talking of the novels, book two is finished, the first two chapters of the third novel have been written. I will be working more on them tomorrow and over the weekend.

The Deepest Black Book Release Tour

new release rk

Today, we’re celebrating the release of THE DEEPEST BLACK by USA Today Bestselling author Rainy Kaye. THE DEEPEST BLACK is 99 cents for a limited time! Check it out, then scroll all the way down to enter to win a $10 Amazon gift card!



the_deepest_blackEmber has a little problem…fairies want her dead.

Ember spends her Friday nights lurking in the bad parts of town, killing fairies. It’s either that, or become a victim to their flesh-eating hunger.

Then she meets Remy, a fae who, despite getting on her nerves, isn’t evil. He tells her that a shadow has been consuming his world, changing its inhabitants and letting destructive beasts into his city. He is searching for his brother who went missing during the catastrophe.

When a team of mercenaries come for Ember, she has little choice but to join Remy in his quest. Together, they decide to bait a trap. What they find reveals the destruction of the fae world means the end of the human world, too–and it’s Ember’s fault.

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Rainy Kaye writes paranormal novels from her lair somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona. She is represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA, and her Summoned series was acquired by Bastei Lübbe. In 2014, she reached the USA Today Bestseller list. Today, she’s taking care of her small zoo of furry animals and trying to remember where she left her coffee.

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My book review of ‘The Deepest Black’ by Rainy Kaye coming soon


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Update on sickness and book reviews

I am still coughing badly but I managed to sit outside for 20 minutes this morning. I’ve been struggling with breathing and stairs but at least I managed to spend most of the day awake, though I’m going to bed soon.

Book reviews: due to not being able to do much other than sleep and read I am now on my forth book and will therefore have four reviews for you to enjoy, just as soon as I can breathe properly and form coherent thoughts.

Lincoln book haul

I went to Lincoln with my sister for her 30th birthday today; I only bought six books..

From my favourite independent book shop, Lindum Books (4 Bailgate, Lincoln, LN1 3AE):

Ian C Esslemont
Return of the Crimson Guard

Mark Charan Newton
Nights of Villjamur
City of Ruin


Dorothy Whipple
The Priory

And from the Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology’s Jew’s Court Bookshop (Steep Hill, Lincoln):

Kevin Leahy
The Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Lindsey

Both shops sell second hand and new books, and are housed in historic buildings which are interesting in themselves.

The books I bought have made me very cheery tonight for several reasons. The Esslemont books complete my Malazan collection.


I really liked the Dorothy Whipple book I bought last time I visited Lindum, and I really love the binding Persephone books have. It’s such high quality. I was pleased to be able to find another book by the same author and the lady in Lindum Books was very knowledgeable. You don’t get that sort of service in a chain book shop.

I was pleased to support the SLHA with my purchase, especially since finding books specifically about Lindsey isn’t always easy.

I ache quite badly; Steep Hill is a (well-named) killer and I’ve become more unfit since I last went to Lincoln. I really need to work on that. Back to the regular long walks it is.