Uni week 4: Guess who’s sick!

That’s right, it’s me. It’s another cold and the cough has returned. I wasn’t up to going in this morning; my anxiety was playing up as well. I really didn’t want to go to Lincoln for the day but I forced myself to get the bus to Grimsby and then get the train from there.Continue reading “Uni week 4: Guess who’s sick!”

Short story: The Dress

Hello, it’s been a while since I inflicted my story telling abilities on you, my dear readers, but today I found a marvellous prompt on todaysauthor.com’s Write Now post.¬†http://todaysauthor.com/2016/02/09/write-now-prompt-for-february-9-2016/ This is my at least five minutes of writing. Once I’m finished I’m going back to the novel, book two. I finished the first draft ofContinue reading “Short story: The Dress”

30 Days of Creative Writing: Day 29

For today’s exercise I’ve chosen another photo prompt. This one is called ‘The Journey’ and shows the view out of a car window. In addition there is the question what’s ahead and how does it relate to the morning news.

30 days of creative writing: Day 5

Good evening, I’m not feeling fantastic but I’m willing to give today’s exercise a go. Today’s is a game of Scrabble Fiction. Using all the words on the Scrabble board pictured in the book I have to write a story. This may take some time.