Dissertation Update: Week 6

Some progress has been made since last week. Although I haven’t been writing much. The dissertation supervisor now likes my villain, and the hints of a darker undertone, but is still holding out on Lucie. He said he knows I think I’m writing a stereotype but people won’t realise she’s autistic unless I do. IContinue reading “Dissertation Update: Week 6”

Dissertation Update: Week 5

A couple of days late, I know, but I was busy Tuesday and spent a lot of Wednesday asleep, recovering. Anyway. I wrote 2000 words about the representation of autistic women in crime fiction, only to be told by my supervisor that I was doing it wrong. So that essay got put to one sideContinue reading “Dissertation Update: Week 5”

Dissertation Update: Week 4

Yes, I am aware that it’s stupidly early in the morning, I had to get up to come down  to the bathroom. And check my bank account. It’s ESA day and I get twitchy if I don’t check the money is in my account as early as I possibly can (after 3 a.m. is aboutContinue reading “Dissertation Update: Week 4”

Dissertation Update: Week 3

On Monday I reached 13,000 words. I sent it to my dissertation supervisor and this morning he replied. As expected, he doesn’t like it. Not enough sub-plot and the main character is two-dimensional and isn’t central enough. There’s too much talking and not enough pace. I’ve got a long list of proofing errors to goContinue reading “Dissertation Update: Week 3”

Dissertation: Week 2

I have been typing up everything I wrote in week one. I still have not finished getting the writing transferred, and I’m on 7194 words. I’ve probably got at least another 1000 words to type up. I have added a few bits, including a whole chapter at the beginning. That’s something that usually happens betweenContinue reading “Dissertation: Week 2”

Dissertation: Week 1 – I’ve finally started ‘Granny Killer’ (provisional title)

I’m writing this to keep myself on track. I had a good first few days, until Monday. I wrote about 7000 words between last Wednesday and this Monday, but now I appear to have ground to a halt. 7000 words isn’t bad, I suppose, for the first draft, and I keep thinking of things thatContinue reading “Dissertation: Week 1 – I’ve finally started ‘Granny Killer’ (provisional title)”

Uni: Week 13 (I think?)

So today is symposium day. I’m nervous about the standing up and talking to people about my dissertation. I have notes for the ten minute talk but I’m not comfortable with it. I’m just going to look at the back of the room and talk to the wall, I think.

Uni Update: Week 11

This week we looked at the work of Gertrude Stein, the U.S. born writer who spent most of her life in France and hung around with Picasso. Her work is weird, and not necessarily in a good way. It made not sense but sounded like it should. Much more amusing, and nonsensically sensible was theContinue reading “Uni Update: Week 11”

Uni week 9

Last Wednesday was our last day before the Easter break, and to make up for some of the weeks lost because the tutor was ill, we had a extra session in the morning. The morning session cover basic grammar questions and pamphlet production, and flash fiction. The usual afternoon workshop covered ‘found’/re-purposed fiction. Can’t sayContinue reading “Uni week 9”

Uni: Week 8

Finally got back to university today. The workshop today was ‘Revisiting Verse’. The tutor played us a piece of music and we had to write down our impressions, then write a poem. Not my strongest subject, but I gave it a bash. I wrote a narrative poem. It was okay, but I didn’t read itContinue reading “Uni: Week 8”