Blog Name Change

Evening all, it’s late but I thought I’d share a decision I made. I’ve decided to change the name of the blog from Rosie Writes… to Everything Is Better With Dragons.

There are reasons. Firstly, I named this blog 9 years ago when I didn’t know what the blog was going to be about, other than me writing. The blog has evolved into a book blog, so the more general name isn’t appropriate anymore. There is also another book blog called ‘Rosie Reads’. In fact, there are about half a dozen with a similar name. It can be quite confusing, so I’ve decided to move away from such a common name.

Secondly, I don’t particularly resonate with the name ‘Rosie’ anymore. It’s associated with a different me, not the me I am now. I’d prefer people to use Rosemarie to address me now.

Thirdly, my business cards have a dragon on with ‘Everything is better with dragons’ around the dragon, so it makes more sense to have the name on the blog too.

Forth, the podcast has the same name and logo, and I like things to all line up. There are Tumblr blogs and a Facebook page with similar names but not quite the same. And probably no one has gone with this colour scheme, pink and green. I actually have a dragon I made in those colours.

The web address is the same as always.

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