Review: You Brand, by Julia Goodman


A manual for Confidence will help you develop your unique voice and you self-belief as a communicator, by uniting head, heart and body. Rooted in the psychology and techniques of the professional theatre, the You Brand method will teach you the craft of ‘performing yourself’ – wherever you are. 

My Review

The Rosie Synopsis

This is a self-help book based on the author’s thirty years of helping people build confidence and themselves as a brand. Goodman uses techniques from acting and storytelling to teach people how to be more themselves at all times rather than different depending on the circumstances.

The Good

This was a really interesting look into how people work – the need for a consistent presentation inspires confidence in others and subsequently in the person performing themselves. A lot of the actions/body language Goodman lists as giving a negative impression are normal autistic and neurodivergent body language/tone of voice things, and we are often criticised for them, but no one ever says why. That they come across as either artificially enthusiastic or uninterested, bored or just checked out, isn’t news because I’d picked up that people think I’m not listening or bored of their conversation, but someone saying it clearly is useful.

The chapters are fairly short and has exercises to give people the confidence to be themselves in different situations. The exercises look fun and I’m sure they would help people feel more confident and fit in.

It is easy to read and illustrated with some good explanatory illustrations and some wobbly (stick) pictures.

The Not So Good

Not going to change my body language or tone of voice, because I don’t mask anymore, it’s dangerous, but if people don’t like me, I know why now. I think the exercises would encourage masking in neuroatypical people who are already criticised for their natural body movements and communication styles.

Formatting could have done with a bit of work but nothing major.

The Verdict

Overall, a useful and enlightening book for those needing to ‘perform’ themselves with greater confidence and energy in personal or business situations.

Author Bio

Julia Goodman set up Personal Presentation Ltd in 1989 after a European tour playing Lady Macbeth. She had the idea while lying in the bath , contemplating how to keep her head above water in a major recession as a divorced single mother of two children. She was surviving – when not working – on £90 a week social security. Within three years PPL had become a world leader in communication coaching. 

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