On Harmful Autism Professionals in the Public Sphere

SBC shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near autistic people again until he has crawled on his knees from the research institute he heads to the Channel and back again, begging forgiveness from every autistic person as he does. I wasn’t aware of any particular issues with Attwood, only that he gives me the creeps. I’m glad my instincts were good on this point. There’s no place for misogyny or transmisia in science.

Autie Scot

Image Description: photographs of Tony Attwood and Simon Baron Cohen behind gold text reading “nothing about us without us”.

There are many professionals in the field of autism whose work is actively harmful to autistic people. This includes ABA therapists and those researching a cure, but thankfully most of these people never make it into the media or the public sphere of influence. Unfortunately, a few rare autism researchers have gained fame on the backs of harmful, inaccurate theories around autism, its causes and whether it should be “cured”.

In this, I will focus on two men whose theories on autism have caused untold damage to autistic people across the globe. These are: Simon Baron-Cohen and Tony Attwood. The damage each of these men has done has been different, but they have both caused harm to my community, and are still respected figures in the field of psychology. In light…

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