Review: Let’s Spill the Beans, by Benjamin Di Marc

Are you looking for the right sustainable healthy diet, but you are struggling between all these popular starry-eyed plan meals? Do you want to know what really matters? Well… just keep reading!
Time is up.
You need to start to keep care of yourself, and this time is for real.
Maybe you have already tried different diets, from the strictest to the most flexible but nothing… it is impossible to stand some paper that tells you what to eat and what to avoid.
You are also starting to think that maybe the key to everything could be just healthier eating, but what really does that mean?
According to the NCBI, 50-70% of Americans are trying to lose weight and eat healthily, but at the same time, obesity in the country is skyrocketing, reaching one-third of the population inexorably.
Isn’t it so clear the importance of choosing a right and sustainable diet?
In Let’s Spill The Beans you will discover:
 What are the hidden secrets behind the most lifelong communities of the world
 Which is the key factor for a real healthy eating
 What all the gurus never told you about diets
 false myths about food that are trying to confuse you
 How you can achieve your weight loss goals in a sustainable and enjoyable way
 Why the most popular diets have been developed
 Pros and cons of the trend diets
 How my life-changing spreadsheet will be your best pal for achieving your dream shape
 My weekly meal plan suggestion
It is not the ordinary diet book where I tell you “what you eat and what to avoid, period.” Because remember, the real key for achieving your goals is not knowing just how you have to do it, but why you are doing it. Only with the right knowledge, everything will be natural and straightforward for you then, and you will stay easily focused on your goals.

My Review

I received a free copy of this ebook via Booksprout after the author contacted me. I had never heard of Booksprout before but I found it relatively easy to use. This review is based on the review I left on Booksprout but expanded.

Di Marco covers the basics of nutrition after comprehensively discussing the many modern diet plans on the market. He clearly favours the ‘Mediterranean Diet’, unsurprisingly, as he is Italian. At one point, when he discusses different diets, it seems he really likes Weight Watchers, and because I’m fairly conscientious about this stuff I emailed Benjamin to find out if he had any professional relationship with WW. He replied thus:

Speaking about Weight Watchers is a diet that I know very well. It has been an object of my studies, but I am not a big fan of, in fact I created my own everyday diet based on what I have simplified in Let’s Spill the Beans. I think the right knowledge of our body and the right choice for the food we eat is the key to living longer and healthily.

Personal email

The author discusses the psychological barriers to a healthy diet and exercise, and busts some myths. This book is not a prescriptive diet plan but a guide to healthy food and making good choices. It is an vast improvement on the ‘diet books’ I have read in the past, emphasising a growth mindset, freedom from fear of food, restrictive eating, and the ‘failure’ that inevitably comes when the food plan is too harsh. Di Marco’s emphasis is on lifestyle change, too. The book is a simplified version of his own daily diet.

The book is written with passion and in layman’s terms to make it accessible.

Now, on to some of my other thoughts.

Di Marco uses English idiosyncratically, and his Italian accent comes through in his writing. I emailed him, mentioning some parsing issues and he has let me know that he has contacted an editor to make his writing scan for an English-speaking audience, so I suspect by the time the final version of this book is published it will be fluent.

As some of my readers know, I’m a fat person (woman sometimes), I have done Weight Watchers and Slimming World several times each, with limited success and a tendency to obsessiveness that makes them unhealthy for me. I have a problem with yoyo dieting and compulsive behaviours around food, so I have to be careful when reading ‘diet books’. Even things like the advertising for ‘Veganuary’ can heavily influence me – it has already. I don’t mind but it gets expensive sometimes when I impulsively buy things. Yeah, it’s a problem. Not going to complain about the plant-based mince and tinned mixed beans I bought this week though, I made a marvellous chilli with them.

Luckily, because this book is not a traditional diet book but a book about healthy eating and lifestyle change, without prescriptive plans and fat-shaming. This made it possible for me to read it without too much food anxiety. There were things I wasn’t comfortable with, like references to ‘clean eating’ and some of the language is reminiscent of Weight Watchers material, but I could overlook it.

I’m reading about the ‘Health at Every Size’ movement at the moment, which is making me look at diet plans in a different way, as ‘The F*ck It Diet’ did. There was some conflict between what I read in ‘Spill the Beans’, and ‘Health At Every Size’, by Dr Linda Bacon (review coming soon). I’m going to keep reading that book and see if the conflicts are resolved.

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