Children’s Book Review: ‘The Secret Life of Moles’, by Liz Burgess


Liz Burgess has always held a keen interest in nature, especially small furry mammals!

Long fascinated by their secret activities at home in her own back garden, and the fields surrounding it, she decided to explore this special underground world, and find out more about moles and their other little friends. Liz Burgess lives in South Yorkshire and The Secret Life of Moles is her first book for children.

Information about the Book

Title: The Secret Life of Moles (and their friends)

Author: Liz Burgess

Release Date: 28th February 2019

Genre: Picture Book

Page Count: 40

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

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My Review

The moles are a little bit crowded so Ragwort goes out to find them a new place to live. He finds a small field surrounded by flowers and trees. His friend, Hogknows, lives there. But the HBeans don’t want mole hills in their lawn and flood the tunnel, so Hogknows and his friends come up with a plan to help the moles.

This is a story for advanced younger readers or for a longer bedtime story. The drawings are naively pencil drawn, and very appropriate. I like the names for the animals, like ‘wingthings’ for birds and ‘climbing fox’ for a squirrel. It’s actually a really lovely way to introduce children to the wildlife found in gardens. There’s also a simple lesson about working together to help others.

I have passed this on to my neighbours four children, aged 8 to 2 and their dad says they love it.

About the author

Liz Burgess lives in South Yorkshire and has enjoyed a varied career, including working for a UK Environmental Charity, the latter 10 years as a Director. She had always had a keen interest in nature especially small mammals, activities in her own back garden and the surrounding fields inspired her to write the Secret Life of Moles. Any reference to a moles natural behaviour in The Secret Life of Moles is correct according to Liz’s small amount of research. All the drawings were been done by Liz in pencil and ink.

At the age of 68, Liz enjoys hiking, birdwatching anything to do with wildlife. She has done quite a bit of foreign travel, including rain forests, jungles and was fortunate to see a ‘tiger’ in the wild. Liz retired at 60, previous to this she worked for an environmental charity for 28 years. Mainly involved with operational developments but she does have a background in Human Resources and Employment Law.

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