January 2019 Book Review Calendar

Happy New Year and all that jazz. 

1st January

  • She Was The Quiet One
  • Michele Campbell
  • Crime
  • HQ Stories

8th January

  • The Murder Pit
  • Mick Finlay
  • Crime
  • HarperCollins

12th January

  • The Convalescent Corpse
  • Nicola Slade
  • Crime
  • Rachel’s Random Resources

17th January

  • Spiral Into Darkness
  • Joseph Lewis
  • Crime Thriller
  • Rachel’s Random Resources

22nd January

  • The Pluckley Psychic Historical Society
  • Grahame Peace
  • Supernatural Crime
  • Random Things Tours

23rd January

  • Mask of the gods
  • Karen Furk
  • Fantasy
  • Rachel’s Random Resources

28th January

  • The 13th Witch
  • Mark Hayden
  • Fantasy
  • Random Things Tours

2 thoughts on “January 2019 Book Review Calendar

  1. Hi Rosie,

    I enjoy reading your reviews, quite helpful for my reading choices this year. 🙂

    Are you open for authors to request reviews for their books?



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