Review: ‘Nessie’s Husband’, by Sibel Beadle

Nessie's Husband

Publication Date: 31st October 2018

Published By: Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd

Format: Picture Book

I.S.B.N.: 9781786233394

Price: £6.99




Amazon Link:


Miranda’s daughter, Mimi, is half-cat half-human. Mimi wants to become invisible and hopes that Nessie can teach her how to become invisible and hide from her classmates. The story takes, Mimi accompanied by her witch mother and sisters, to a magical trip across Scotland where the family ends up rediscovering themselves and finding Nessie’s husband.

My Review

This is a sweet tale of a witch’s daughter who is bullied at school for being different and how her family and new friends – Nector (Nessie’s Husband) and his three daughters – help her feel better. It grew out of bedtime stories the author told her own daughters and is educational as well as a fun story either for parents to read to their children or for older infant school children to read to themselves. It’s about bullying and the importance of speaking up and making friends, even if you don’t want to.

The writing is good, and easy to follow. The characters are fun or funny, as well as relatable for younger children. I loved the illustrations; they’re sweet and funny, and full of character all on their own.

Definitely a recommended book, probably for 5-7 year olds, or an advanced 4 year old.

Author Information


SibelLiving  in  Essex  with  her  two  daughters  Sibel  Beadle  previously  worked  as  a  senior  banker  in  London  before  becoming  a  full-time  children’s  author.  Previous  titles  in  her  Witchy  Travel  Tales  series  include;  The  Seven  Sisters,  Sleepless  in  Stonehenge  and  The  Golden  Bunny  of  the  Lake  District.





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