Dissertation news

Last Wednesday my dissertation arrived with notes and my final score: 65%

I was pleased but disappointed at the same time, because I’d really wanted a higher mark. I have high expectations of myself and felt I’d let myself down by only getting 65%. I’ve got over that now, almost. It sent me into a bit of a depression for a couple of days but I’m beginning to get through that. It hasn’t helped that I’ve been depressed anyway for the last two months. It’s easy for a little thing, like disappointment in my dissertation results to send me somewhere dark.

I’ve completed my amendments, which were mostly typos, because of my sticky ‘h’ key 😀 and submitted it via turnitin. I’ve got to get it printed and bound at the university library and hand it in by 12th December, so I’d better get on with that.

So, what else have I been up to?

I’m working on a short sci-fi story, that I hope will be the first in a series of three linked stories. A ship five hundred years from now is sent to retrieve a probe sent out two centuries before, but nothing goes to plan.

I’ve started another WEA course, the follow up to the one I did last year. So far we’ve covered using radiation to investigate crimes, like art fraud and injuries, and blood spatter patterns. Tomorrow it’s ‘UV light and high intensity radiation in crime investigations’, according to the lesson plan. Should be interesting.

I’m reading some books for next month’s review schedule, and other books I’me reading because I’m interested in them. Some will get reviews, some won’t. Depends on how I feel.

Right, that’s it. Enjoy the day.


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