Bonus Review #1: ‘Elysium’s Shadow’, by Matthew Munson

Published By: Inspired Quill

Publication Date: October 2015?

Format: Paperback

Price: £9.99

I.S.B.N.: 978190860069

Bought from here







“It’s been a hell of a first day.”

Jon May has been the Governor of Elysium for a few hours, and he’s already facing a belligerent Chief of Security, an ex-Operations Manager imprisoned for killing the previous Governor, and an amorphous energy mass that has its own agenda.

So now Jon has to decide who to trust; his Security Chief will barely talk to him, and his only allies people who are, according to the Republic, dangerous criminals.

With less than 48 hours to delve into the shadows surrounding Elysium’s recent but tumultuous past, May is about to uncover more about this job than he bargained for.

My Review

Earlier in the year I got some money and immediately spend about 1/6 of it on books. This was one of them. I’d just finished listening to all the Bobiverse books for the second time, and read,then listened to Children of Time and I really wanted some more sci-fi. Since I’d submitted Hidden Fire to Inspired Quill for consideration (still waiting to hear back about that), I thought it would be a good idea to see what their production quality was like and support them by buying a book. I’d already bought two from Salt Publishing, I like supporting traditional indie publishers. They’re small but dedicated.

Production value is good, the book has a weight to it and fits comfortably in the hand. Since I am a perennial spine breaker and dog ear-er, I’m pleased to say it has stood up to a weekend of intense Rosie-ing. There was the odd thing missed in the text but nothing major and considering how many times the first copies of Hidden Fire had gaol spelt as goal, I can’t really talk (I fixed that, by the way. I’ve always had trouble with those two words, and a few others).

The plot is fun and enjoyable, the characters develop throughout and surprise in their actions, and the world building is strong. I’m looking forward to the next one, because I want to know what the resident’s of Elysium will do next. I particularly liked that one of the three main characters is deaf and the others treat it as a normal part of life to sign and make accomdations, and that it doesn’t stop her being the most powerful person around. It’s nice to see a disabled character portrayed positively and powerfully. I happen to think that the humans gifted with ‘elemental physics’ make good analogues for autistic people as well. I’d love to ‘side-step’, alas my super powers remain limited to compulsively collecting books and information.

Definitely one for those who like to mix their sci-fi and fantasy.

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