Review: ‘Duck Egg Blues’, by Martin Ungless

Duck Egg Blues CoverPublished By: Independently Published

Publication Date: 25th May 2017

Format: Paperback

I.S.B.N.: 978-1521495919

Price: £8.99









This perfect slice of ‘cozy crime’ is narrated in the voice of a pre-war English butler and concerns a rich and powerful businesswoman whose daughter goes missing from their country house estate. That the story- teller is a robot belonging to an impoverished detective brings a fresh and original take on ‘cozy’, and as for ‘crime’… well, it does begin to escalate, what with MI6, criminal gangs, corrupt police, and that’s not to mention international cybercrime!

​As the plot strands weave together, we discover that behind one mystery lurks a greater threat. No one is safe, not even PArdew…

​This is without doubt the robot-butler-detective thriller you have been waiting for!

My Review

I read all 349 pages of this book in one sitting. It was a bizarre combination of crime novel featuring a cop-turned-PI, cyber crime, corrupt police, spies, a country house and a robot butler. Really, really odd! And told by the robot butler, who was bought from a man down the pub by Simon Donaldson, known as Don, one drunken night. #

PArdew has no idea where he came from before Don bought him, but he does know that his job is to serve and protect his Master. Which he does, saving Don’s life several times before and after he accepts a job from the local Lady Mayor, to find missing 23 year old Christobel Alice Singer-Sargent, currently studying for her PhD in Cambridge  but missing for a fortnight by the time Mrs. Singer-Sargent decides to have Don and PArdew kidnapped and bullied into accepting the job.

It’s all a bit more complicated than they originally think and as Don gets deeper into the case, the danger increases. PArdew is quite confused by all the humans and their odd behaviour, but goes along, crying ‘Take Care!’ when he must, and surviving car wrecks, explosions and electrocution, and occasionally cleaning Don’s flat.

Some of the quirks of the manuscript, such as the random use of figures instead of words for numbers got to me at first, but then it became a part of the charm of PArdew. The writing flows and it’s quite humorously done. The characters are fun and relateble, they develop in unexpected ways, even PArdew, but I couldn’t really ‘see’ an image of them when I read the book.


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Author Bio 

Duck Egg Blues - Martin Ungless

Martin Ungless is a WCN Escalator Prize winning author who has twice been shortlisted by the Crime Writers’ Association for their Debut Dagger Award.

Following this year’s success, Martin Ungless had now been shortlisted three times by the Crime Writers’ Association for their Debut Dagger. He has won a WCN Escalator Award, and been successful in a number short-story competitions. Martin started life as an architect though now lives in the Norfolk countryside and writes full time. Martin is currently studying for the prestigious MA in Fiction (Crime) at UEA.

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