Review: ‘Love Me, Love Me Not’, by Katherine Debona

Thanks to the publisher for sending me an ebook copy of this book as part of their blog tour.


Published By: HQ Digital

Publication Date: 1st September 2018

Format: E-book

I.SB.N.: 9780008304065

Price: 99p








Today isn’t the first time I’ve thought about killing my best friend, but it is the first time I’ve done something about it.

Since they were teenagers, Jane and Elle had been inseparable.

Until the day that Elle stole the love of Jane’s life.

Now everything has changed. Jane wants him back, and with a little help from her horticultural obsession, she may just have found the perfect solution…

A psychological suspense novel that you will not be able to put down. Perfect for fans of Louise Jensen and Clare Boyd.

My Review

I’m traumatised! Well, slightly, I was bawling my eyes out on a couple of occasions. When I downloaded my copy of this book I started to read it, but had to adjust to it being written in first person and going back and forth in time. 13% in to it I decided I’d need to sit down and really focus on it, so I put it down and did something else because I wasn’t up to that sort of challenge. Today, after shopping and some chores – executive functioning win! – I settled down thinking I’d maybe read a few chapters. Four hours later I re-emerged, hungry, thirsty and slightly disturbed. Other people’s head are scary places.

I was not expecting that ending. This book is absolutely gripping with a bizarre love triangle where nobody tells the truth and everyone is trying to kill everyone else. Elle and Jane have been friends for half their lives. When Jane meets Patrick she thinks she’s found her soulmate. When Elle meets Patrick she sets out to steal him from Jane. And succeeds. Then follows a rather twisted, cruel tale of betrayal and plotting, unrequited love and miscarriage.

I love the cover, it’s very evocative.

I recommend it to fans of thrillers.


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