Review schedule – May to September 2018

Hola peeps, it’s the end of April and this time for me to write the reviewing schedule for May. Except I’m starting my dissertation in a few days, so reviewing is taking a back seat. That doesn’t mean there won’t be reviews. Even I need a break from writing occasionally.

Which reminds me, Charley’s War is on to chapter 30 and is only half done. I’ll get there eventually.

So, what have I got booked in for the next few months?

Edit: It’s npw mid-July and some significant progress has been made with the dissertation so I’ve added some reviews to the schedule.


  • 6th
    • The Planetsider, by GJ Ogden
    • Alex is reviewing this one. since it’s a YA novel.


  • 1st
    • When The Water’s Recede, by Graham Smith
    • Crime novel
  • 20th
    • Tubing, by K.A. McKeagney
    • Crime thriller


  • 13th
    • The London Mysteries, books 1 & 2, by Alice Castle
    • Cosy crime set in modern London
  • 19th
    • Wrecker, by Noel O’Reilly
    • Historical fiction set in Cornwall
  • 27th
    • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, by Gina Kirkham
    • Humour


  • 3rd
    • Duck Egg Blues, by Martin Ungless
    • Crime/sci-fi
  •  8th
    • The Cheesemaker’s House, by Jane Cable
    • This is to celebrate the novel’s fifth birthday
    • Mystery/women’s fiction (maybe, I’m not too sure)
  • 18th
    • Implant, by Ray Clark
    • Crime
  • 23rd
    • Love you Stationary
    • A children’s picture book
  • 24th
    • Tommy Twigtree
    • Also a picture book
  • There will also be a couple of promo posts this month:
  • 12th
    • Q&A about ‘The Bespokest Society Guide To London’
  • 14th
    • Promo post for ‘The Camberwell Calamity’, by Alice Castle
    • The London Mysteries #3 – Beth’s adventures continue… 

September – Nothing booked in so far.

It’s a bit spartan, I know and mostly crime, but I need to focus on my writing for a few months. As I said, there will be other, unscheduled reviews, because I have a pile of books waiting to be read.




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